Tuesday 2 January 2018

A lesson learned

Well I managed to finish the hat, it fits although it could possibly do with being 3 rows shorter, I will be wearing it on cold windy days as it is toasty warm.

But, no goats just a but, there was an error on the colour work chart. I noticed it once I was well into the green section and frogging back was not going to happen, for several reasons.
This is my first colour work from a chart for more years then I care to think about.
It was yarn from stash.
I need the hat now, if I had frogged back it would in all likelihood have gone into a bag to fester away. 
I choose to call it a design feature, instead of a cross I have an arrow (that's what it resembles anyway).
I am lazy.

As you can see the error is in the middle of the diamond shape, it should be a cross. There were 2 squares coloured red that should have been white, if they had been in the middle of the chart I would have noticed but they were on the edge. I must make sure to check how each row looks as I start it. I always do that with stitch patterns, as they say "act in haste, regret in leisure" or some such nonsense.

Once I had spotted the mistake in the hat I rectified the chart, I will be knitting a few of these I think. I would like to knit some in stronger colours and pure wool. There will be a colour work jumper, possibly a Marius, this year and it will be in pure wool. I will make sure to buy enough to knit the hat as well, and mittens. (oh boy, I like it down this particular rabbit hole)

I have the hospital run this afternoon and then next week it will be back to Wednesday, like the rest of the world, they are playing catch up.

I have a pair of socks on the needles to take with me, I expect that they will have a full schedule and there will be some waiting around. I have my Christmas Eve cast on to occupy my hands at home and Francesca is looking at Andi Satterlund patterns. She loved the cardigan that I gave her and she looks lovely in it so I offered to knit another from the designer.

That,s all that I can think of for now.

              TTFN                                                        Pam


  1. That is not an error. That is creative expression.

  2. Well, unless you had pointed out the mistake, I wouldn't have noticed it so I shouldn't worry too much! You won't be making their mistake again either. I think it's beautiful and love the spring like apple blossom colours.

  3. It's lovely Despite the mistake. It's annoying when you've done everything right though!

  4. Love the hat, couldn't find the extra design feature until you pointed it out, if it worries you it could easily be over stitched with the pink.

  5. I would say it's a lovely change in the design. The error goes all the way around so people would in fact think that was the design.

    Like the colours and I hope it keeps your ears nice and warm.

  6. Wow, you're a quick knitter! You only cast on yesterday 😊 I have never seen a pattern like that with the inner hat tucked inside, but it's really effective and your intarsia tension is amazing!
    Happy New Year, hope it's a good one,
    LLJ xxx

  7. Well I think it’s lovely and wouldn’t have noticed anything without you saying xx

  8. You could always add the missing pink by overstitching. I have done this many times and am always impressed how effective it is.

  9. Love the hat, especially the edging. From what I've been reading it sounds like you are getting some horrible weather and will definitely need a nice warm hat for when you venture out. Take care!

  10. We've had torrential rain here for nearly two weeks! Your hat is lovely and I've asked for an Arne and Carlos book for my birthday :D I'm trying Fair Isle knitting this year, it's my 2018 goal :D
    Hope the hospital goes


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