Friday 19 January 2018

The best laid plans.....

Today has not gone as planned, I did get the dogs walked as usual but after that it started to fall apart.

I suddenly realised that W has a new prescription and that it needed taking to be filled. 
DUH to both of us who were adamant on the way home yesterday that we did not have to stop in Pontardawe  for anything, in fact that can be a double DUH.

As I hate to make a car trip for one thing I scrabbled my shopping list together and with the SO (for bag carrying) set off.

After standing for almost 30 minutes in the pharmacy they informed me that both items needed to be ordered in. Then they went off to do that and find out the delivery time. A little ray of light, they will be there tomorrow morning.

Then off to the shops, we managed to get most things on the list but couldn't find brackets anywhere. Hanging baskets of every shape and material that you could think of but no brackets (?). 

The SO is going to put an outdoor shelf up for the small recycling boxes, save me from bending so much and keeping them off the ground. We get cats who love to raid anything easily accessible.

Anyway there is also something good afoot. I watch the Gabberdashery podcast and on the last one was a bright yellow pegboard hung with scissors, rotary cutters, tape measures and so on.  Ooooooh, I want one. So off to the Amazon I went and found some in glorious colours and at Very Glorious Prices.

I was bemoaning this yesterday to the SO and today this is happening.

As much as I would like it painted it will be hanging next to my thread holder, which is natural wood. I could have it bigger but I would only buy find more things to hang on it.

Dinner tonight will be a very tasty and thrifty meal of jacket potatoes and left overs. Tomorrow I am planning on a barlotto, that is my version of risotto made with pearl barley. Sunday is undecided, I need to work on a meal plan of sorts, but will probably be another veggy meal, we have been eating all the small packs of meat from the freezer this week and I am meated out.

I can not get in to sew until the board is hung so my dress has been put back a day.

Much drilling is happening so it won't be long before I will be invited to "come and get your stuff hung up then".

I have a sew sweet violet podcast to watch so there will be a knitting break next.

                             TTFN                                     Pam


  1. I'd love some peg board in my room Pam but I haven't got any walls above hip's all most of my things are in pots or one of several mechanics magnetic trays.

    1. I am great at putting things down and losing them so having a place to hang them right beside me should stop that.

  2. I'd love something like that for all my scissors. Might have to go for a mooch in the shed and see what we've got.

    1. The SO has a treasure trove in the sheds. It is always worth having a look and thinking outside the box.

  3. I have something similar. There is an area for my threads and other larger hanging hooks to hang all those other items. I really do need to organize it a bit better though. You are going to love having everything to hand.

    God bless.

    1. I hope that it will save me time lost looking for everything that seems to vanish the second that I put it down.

  4. I love Gabberdasherys podcast, and I too lusted over that PEG board,sadly I have people who like to use my sewing scissors for other things so I have to keep them hidden but 1 day I will have a yellow peg board ! actually it will probably be pink !

    1. The SO has been trained not to touch anything in the sewing room without checking with me first. I am still thinking of painting a rainbow on the board.


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