Monday 29 January 2018

Half a loaf....

is better than no loaf at all.
I have no idea of the origins of that old saying.My Granny used it whenever we whinged about not having everything that we wanted, or thought that we wanted.
Yesterday was a two half loaf day, I got half of the sewing done that was planned and I got halfway on a pair of socks.
I do try to plan my sewing time to coincide with a busy time for the SO. This weekend though he was on super fast time and had finished all his (self imposed) tasks by mid day yesterday.
In the interests of domestic harmony I turned off the machine and lights and shut the door on my sewing. We played a little music, watched a little telly and chatted away. We spent some time in the kitchen, I made cake and the mincemeat slice and the SO cleared up around and behind me. It is utter bliss to bake and not have to wash up.

I decided to get some cake into the freezer and we plumped for coffee and walnut tray bake (courtesy of Mary Berry although I have the recipe imprinted upon my brain). I do not bake it as one large cake though, it suits me to use 2 sandwich tins. It is slightly faster and cuts into nice wedges before freezing.
I walked the dogs before starting and had a light bulb moment, there was a bar of Colombian coffee bitter chocolate in the Christmas goody stash. There was about half a pot of cream in the fridge. Coffee and walnut cake with a warm coffee and chocolate ganache for pudding. Dinner was a very healthy Cottage Pie, 80% vegetable base with  a sweet potato top, so an indulgent pudding was justifiable. In my mind at least.

Oh My Word, it was every bit as good in the mouth as it was in my mind. Very very rich so we tried not to go overboard. There is now cake and ganache in the freezer for future pleasure.

The mincemeat slice came out looking as crumbly as it should have, I added a handful of oats to the shortbread topping. We will probably try that tonight, unless the SO gets a fit of the munchies earlier.
Tonight,s dinner will be a cauliflower, sweet potato and chick pea curry. I want to save the aquafaba and make meringue with it, the last time I planned that I ended up using it in another dish. Francesca will be here next month and the meringues will keep in an airtight tin and become something lush for a pudding.

Any how, back to sewing. I took some photos of the method that I use,when I line a bodice with no zip, to share.
I did not show sewing the neck as that is easy to explain. You cut out the lining and the bodice exactly the same, then sew any darts on all pieces before sewing the shoulder seams and finishing them, I use the overlocker. Then I press the bodice seam, to the back and the lining seam to the front. That way you can nest the seams together and not have a thick bump of 6 layers of fabric to sew over. Then lay the lining down right side up and place the bodice right side down matching any notches and the seams, pin, sew and finish the seam. I then press the seam to the lining and understitch. If anyone would like photos I am happy to do that.

Here I have laid out the bodice with the right side up, with armholes directly in front of you and just spread it as far as possible.

Then you work from the furthest armhole edge and start rolling it towards you as tightly as you can.

Keep going until the neckline is covered.

Then pull the top layer over the top of the roll away from you.

and carefully pull the lining underneath away from you again and smooth it all down.

Matching seams and edges pin well, don't skimp on this as you don't want any movement of the layers as you sew. You will be able to nest those seams together and only have 3 layers to stitch through.

Once stitched finish that edge, you will never see it again but it needs finishing, that reduces bulk and prevents fraying that would ruin your garment.

Open out one end and reach into find the shoulder strap and pull through, a bit like turning a bag.

Keep pulling till it is all free, press and then do the same with the other armhole.

There are loads of photos as I wanted to make it as clear as possible. I realise now that I ought to have done this with a brighter fabric. I will be using this method many more times in the near future so, again, if anyone needs more just let me know.

It is far too wet here for a long dog walk so it was a quickie this morning, if the weather forecast (that I saw) is correct I may be able to get them out for longer this afternoon.

No sewing yet, today is catch up on housework and have a look, and tidy, through the yarn stash.

See you on the other side.

                        TTFN                                         Pam


  1. My goodness, that cake/dessert does sound wonderful!
    J x

    1. It was, the cake is a bit too sweet for me but the bitter chocolate ganache tamed it nicely.

  2. Thanks for showing us how you do your lining.

    God bless.

    1. No Probs, I like to keep a record and some tutorials do tend to leave the "simple" steps out which is no good if you are a newbie.

  3. Your SO sounds like an absolute dream. Andy only ever makes a mess in my

  4. You have been busy Pam. I like the tutorial. I am a bit off making clothes at the moment - just knitting and keeping warm but I will get back too it when a wardrobe gap arises. Jo xxx

    1. I have been through my wardrobe like a dose of salts and am now filling the gaps.

  5. The cake sounds delicious, particularly the ganache, yum!


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