Sunday 7 January 2018

Paint speckled Pam

The decorating is going well, I have a random display of brilliant white speckles. They will get washed out in the shower very soon, it is only emulsion.

There will be more tomorrow and for the rest of the week probably as we are not pushing ourselves. I am doing the cutting in so am up and down the stepladders, all good exercise.

Just out of curiosity I used my step counter thingy this morning, what a surprise. Just on the morning dog walk I did over 4,500 steps, I must have almost done it again during the day, and will be getting another 2,000 or thereabouts with the next walk.

I am very pleased with that as part of the route is up and down hill and most is at quite a good pace, Rufus likes to get a wiggle on.

I am now about to get Ben ready and then scoop Rufus up for the last outing, then it will be shower before getting dinner ready.

I have around 20 rows left on the body of my Christmas Eve Cardigan cast on (almost a tongue twister) and then will get the sleeves on the go. I aim to get the sleeve ribbing finished tonight, my least favourite part of any garment knitting.

Once my patterns arrive I will compile my 2018 make 9 list. There will be more than 9 I am certain but we will see how the year pans out.

                     TTFN                                                  Pam

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