Saturday 6 January 2018

Planning ahead.

I have been reading posts and watching pod casts about planning 9 projects for 2018
Sounds like a good idea, add it to my hope of working through more of the stash and it becomes a must do, or at least have a bash at.
I sat down with note book and pen, a page for knitting and another for sewing.

The list is humongous, 12 to sew and 15 to knit. 
There are 2 quilts on the sewing list and 3 garments for Francesca on the knitting list.
I think that I need to refine my lists and have 2 in each category, one for me and one for others.

I am waiting for my new dress patterns to drop through the letter box. Once they have landed I can see how much fabric each takes and marry that to stash. I know that there are at least 3 dress lengths in there.
The same with knitting, I have more than enough jumpers worth of yarn to get me through the first quarter of the year.

One quilt will be made from my buried treasure and there will be one for a gift, mostly from stash but I will need to make a few small purchases to get colour balance.

On the knitting front I plan on making 2 Andi Satterlund patterns up for Francesca, and then the same 2 in different colours for myself. My yarn is in stash but I will be buying yarn in for Francesca.
I will set my mind to whittling the lists down to 12 each for myself and then 2 of each for gifting. That may sound a bit on the selfish side but most of my makes in 2017 were for gifting.

The house cleaning went well and the painting prep will take place tomorrow. It is a 2 bedroom house and will be done in the week, no ceilings just walls and woodwork. None of the doors need touching which is a bonus and all the windows are UPVC , excellent, I remember painting window frames T E D I O U S toe curling work.

I slipped into Ammanford yesterday, I needed a few things and as the car was pointing that way I took the easy option. Oh My Word, wise decision,  I picked up a whole maturing Brie for just over £1 reduced from £6 and in date till the end of the month. I also picked up some artisan bread for 32 p a loaf, 4 halves are now in the freezer. I love these loaves but at £1.50 I just leave them on the shelf.
Tonight,s dinner will be another one of those loaves turned into pizza, a slather of roasted garlic, some of the brie, some diced peppers and red onion and a sprinkle of grated cheddar, in the oven for 10 minutes and yum. A side dish of homemade coleslaw will give us a good meal with little work and maximum flavour.

My expenditure was less than £6 and all I need for the rest of the week is milk. A nice start to the year and a kick start to my eat the freezers down. BTW Tesco have 1 Kg bags of sweet potatoes for 79p. 

It is very cold out, when I came from dog walking my fingers were almost frozen inside my gloves. There was a sharp frost last night and it looks set for another tonight.

Keep warm and stay safe on the roads.

                       TTFN                                       Pam


  1. Hmmm, 9 projects.... Just might have to sit down and see how much of my stashes I can use up.

    God bless.

  2. I started browsing patterns and making a list, the list just keeps getting longer and longer and totally out of control. Some realism is needed here.

  3. Oh, I might do a 9 project list, sounds like a great idea!


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