Friday 5 January 2018

Another wonderful news day.

The parole board has decided to release a convicted rapist, over 100 rapes and assaults, with no warning to his victims.
He was sentenced to an indefinite term of imprisonment with a minimum of 8 years. He has served the minimum, did these people not notice the "indefinitely" or not know the meaning.

I do not think that a leopard can change it's spots, and I am pretty sure that he will either re offend or will suffer an assault from a very angry relative of one of his victims. Neither of which is acceptable.

Then there is the Apple fiasco. How pleased I am that I would not afford a bite into that company. 'nuff said on that subject.

I have sliver trimmed all the remaining 4 patch blocks and am ready to begin sewing them into bigger blocks. That will be next week as we have a busy weekend ahead of us.
The SO has a house clean/decorate in a hurry job so we will be heads down and noses to the grindstone for a couple of days.
It is a "job and knock" contract so the quicker done the better. We divide the jobs fairly evenly and work well as a team.
 The only sticky bit will be the front garden, after all the recent rain it will be very sticky, we may have to work off planks so as not to compact the ground.

I wanted a couple of new dress patterns and was shocked at the prices. I decided, on a whim, to look on the Hobby craft website, Deep Joy, they had 2 patterns, both heavily reduced. Even better they had Gutterman thread at half price, it is not as lush as the Italian stuff but most acceptable. I also bought some 32mm elastic as well, that got me free delivery. I use it in pj bottoms rather than drawstrings so it never comes amiss.
One of the patterns calls for ready made bias binding but I always make it myself.

A friend called round yesterday to show me her first quilting project. She is, quite rightly, as pleased as punch with it. We had a learning session a few weeks ago and it did the trick. Perhaps a bit too well it seems that she jumped headlong down the rabbit hole and is building up a fabric and notions stash. The second quilt is under construction and she has bought fabric and pattern for a dress.

I still have not shopped, I will have to later or we will be out of milk and fruit. I want to pop into Lidl on Sunday, they have a table top ironing board for £5. Perfect for piecing as my board is huge and takes up half my floor space.

More rain overnight and through the morning, Ben and Rufus didn't mind though and walks went ahead to schedule. My Dryzabone keeps me warm and dry so I don't mind either.

Dinner tonight will be chicken drumsticks (yellow sticker 10p each) in a sticky, spicy sauce. I made the marinade this morning and they are in the fridge soaking up all the flavours. I will cook them in a low oven for around 1 1/2 hours and serve them with rice, peas and sweetcorn. There is half a rhubarb pie in the fridge, also yellow sticker 22p, I can not make pastry for that price never mind a pie.

I will be creating something with butternut squash for tomorrow, maybe a curry with chickpeas, as I have a half one in the fridge. They have been in Tesco for £1 each, needless to say I selected the biggest ones. They are normally sold at nearly £1 per kilo mine were all just over 2 Kilo.

I am off now to stir the chicken around and possibly get the kettle on.

Have a good weekend everyone.

              TTFN                                                       Pam


  1. Love the sound of the chicken, bargain price.

  2. Mystified as the max sentence for rape is life imprisonment. I despair of the justice system in this country. I’d like to know who has decided he poses such little risk that they are letting him out?

  3. Knowing you got a bargain makes the meal taste better 😀


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