Sunday 28 January 2018

One down, One to go

Rainy weekend days that is. Yesterday was almost a complete washout. I did manage to get Ben out in the morning before it came down too hard and then once it faded away to a misty haze I got Rufus out for a decent walk. I wanted to make sure that he had some exercise just in case it pours down again today. At the moment the air is heavy and sullen, full of the threat of a downpour.

My days  sewing went well, one more of my make nine done and stashed away in the wardrobe.

I ought to have put a belt on but was too lazy to go up and get one. It hangs just under the knee like this and just at mid knee with a belt. I am pleased with the result and this pattern will be repeated many times. From what I have seen the main difference between it and the Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress is the lack of bust darts.
This also seems to have a bit more flare at the hem, which suits me as I tend to stride out and do not wish to faff about putting splits in the side seams.
The teardrop pockets went in the side seams with no trouble, I just measured 2" down from the waistline on the pattern.

The polka dot dress will be started on after breakfast and dog walking (rain permitting). I have no outstanding housework to do. Bed is changed and laundry in the machine. Sofa throws changed and waiting for their turn, once sewing stops today I will vacuum all the threads and snippets up.

The SO is happy to pick up any slack while I beaver away in the sewing room. There is another pair of socks on the go after all.

Dinner will be a one pot wonder of cottage pie, I cooked a big batch of minced beef and vegetables ( a whole heap of veg went under the SO,s knife) late afternoon yesterday and then divided it into 3 portions. 1 had red beans and chilli sauce added, 1 is in the freezer and will become a cobbler at some point and the last is under a topping of sweet potato and will slide into the combi oven later. I will serve it with some broccoli, more for the appearance than the need for any more vegetables.
I was intending to copy Joy at The Frugal Factor and turn some Elderflower Syrup into a jelly but completely forgot that I had used the last of my leaf gelatine so it will wait until after my next shop.

I may treat the SO to a mincemeat slice, it is one of his favourite sweet treats, there is cream in the fridge. 

I got the body of my Christmas Eve Cardigan blocked as well yesterday so this evening I will stitch that together ready to knit the front and neck band during the week ahead.
I have socks on the needles ready for hospital knitting and the yarn to be caked up for another cardigan for Francesca, the SO will perform that task. I find it unbearably tedious whereas he finds satisfaction in seeing the, fairly unruly, skeins submit to the process
and become neat little cakes.

I still have to sort out a make nine knitting list, I have tried but there are so many variables. I do tend to get distracted by all the pretty skeins when I look through them  for the next project. Then there will always be a pair of socks happening so they will have to be one of the list.
I know that there will be at least 4 designs by Andi Satterlund, 2 for Francesca and 2 for me. Then I would love to knit a Marius Sweater or one of the patterns from my Arne & Carlos book. I also intend to have a bash at some Selbu mittens. There is 6 of my 9 straight off, then I have a colourwork pattern that I want to use for a scarf and the SO would like a hat. That brings me up to 8 and I would like to leave a wild card for the pattern that will undoubtedly jump out at me at some point.

I will go through the stash and get a post up matching yarn to pattern during the week, fingers crossed.

Apart from that it is business as usual here in the valley, life ticks along steadily. Nothing much happens to disrupt our daily doings, the dog walkers meet and greet, the shoppers chatter and neighbours exchange the time of day. I love that phrase, it says nothing and it says it all.

My life revolves around the weekly hospital visit, the dogs and keeping us all warm, healthy and well fed whilst keeping an eagle eye on the budget.
I like every penny to reach its full potential and hate to see any being frittered away on something that has no real value. I know that comes from my upbringing when the "real" pennies were counted out carefully.
 I had 5 of them every Saturday, 2 were for church collection, 1 was to save and 2 could be spent on sweets or a comic. When your best friend hardly ever had any pocket money those 2 pennies had to go a long way. Mostly they bought 8 fruit salad chews and 8 black jacks.
If we both had money it would be a bag of rainbow sherbet and a wagon wheel or a sugar barley stick.

On that sweet note I will leave you, the washing machine needs to be emptied and refilled and Ben needs his walk.

                        TTFN                                      Pam


  1. Mincemeat slice... Yeeeeeeesss, Num Num

  2. You're being so productive; I am filled with admiration for your busyness and productiveness. Just loving your entries.
    J x

    1. great dress I love that fabric.

    2. Thank you, I like to be occupied. "The Devil finds work for idle hands" still rings in my ears from my childhood.

  3. Honestly Pam....your crafty to do list makes me feel quite
    I am looking forward to sewing clothes for little people this week.

    1. I like sewing for little people, I have a pattern and fabric in the stash and must get that out soon.

  4. Looking forward to seeing your yarn choices. The dress is so colourful and you really are a whizz on the machine. Finally ordered our new bed today-thank goodness we did as it was the final day of the 20% off at John Lewis. Will cast on another cowl ready for Call the Midwife this evening. Catriona

    1. I have never watched that program, it is on the list but seems to get pushed back every time something else pops up. Enjoy your new bed, when we got our memory foam mattress I felt that I was sleeping on a cloud.

  5. Love the dress. It is perfect over a shirt or all alone for the summer. Good luck with your projects. You get so much done you make my head spin

    1. I am determined to sew through the stash this year, .come what may.

  6. You and your SO have such a wonderful life together; I wish I had known that in my life ; love to you both xx

    1. We did have a rocky patch early on, but worked hard to get through it. It is a job for life, just like a garden if you don't put the work in it just withers and dies.


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