Friday 26 January 2018

oops, nearly forgot the title

I did walk the dogs yesterday but it did not go as I had hoped.
 Ben,s walk was fine we were out and back in the dry although it was cold, windy and grey.
Then it was time for Rufus, we set off with the sky showing little wisps of watery blue. That soon reverted to 50 shades of grey with a fine drizzle, just as we reached the halfway mark the sky blackened and it lashed down. Luckily I was wearing my ankle length Drizabone and Rufus had a waterproof coat on as well.
We turned for home and by the time we arrived it was "drowned rat" state for both.

Of course by the time I had hung my coat up, put boots to dry and got the kettle on it had stopped and the sun made a fleeting appearance.

I had my cuppa and went into the sewing room to make a start on the mock wrap dress.

The fabric behaved and my machine just whizzed along with a triple stretch stitch. 
The pattern was simple enough,although the construction method was quite convoluted.
The finished garment fits fairly well, I did add 2" to the skirt and if I make it again I will add 1" to the bodice length.
I am hoping that it will "grow on me" as I am not in love with it.
That is partially due to it being a totally different style and shape to the rest of my wardrobe. It also bugs me that the seams are not finished in any way.
I followed the pattern to the 'nth degree and just pressed the seams to the back. Then after trying it on before adding the sleeves I pressed the side seams open for a smoother look.

The belt is supposed to be tied on the left side in a bow with long tails, it did not look right so I wrapped it right round and just tied at the front. The neckline is low and I will add a hidden fastening to prevent any inadvertent flashing when I lean forward.

I have about a dress length  left, I did not measure it but I will later.
I did say that I would make a top but am not sure now. I have never been a fan of clothes that hug and of course stretch fabrics do that, it is their nature.
I am glad that I made it but do not see any more stretchy fabric in my near future. I do, however, want to try some knit fabric. I would like a couple of lightweight knitted tops and have seen some lovely things on you tube vlogs. Once the make 9 is done I will be exploring in that direction (maybe even sooner).

Enough of sewing, lets talk food.

Last nights dinner was a chestnut and mushroom tart, loaded with veg and Utterly Delicious.
As well it should have been because the recipe came from the Utterly Scrummy Food for Families blog. 

Here it is straight out of the oven.

I urge you all to go and have a look, there is a raft of seriously good recipes all made on a tight budget. I have been cooking from this site for ages and it has never crossed my mind to share before.
I am not sure whether the chestnuts were part of the recipe or if I just added them in, I did not check as I made it from my "sure thing" folder.
This should have served 4 at least but we had roughly a third each!!
I served it with a small jacket potato, and it was so filling that next time I will just steam some broccoli.

I like to make something a little on the special side for Friday nights dinner but am at a loss on what would beat that tart. The veg are "bound" together with a mixture of low fat creme fraiche and pesto, a true love match that adds a new dimension of taste.

Now I am off to get the kettle on for a second cuppa before I jump in the shower.

                           TTFN                                          Pam


  1. I rather love that dress myself, although I couldn't wear that style, so I hope it does grow on you.
    And I will search for that blog you mentioned. I do love an interesting frugal recipe blog. Thanks.
    J x

    1. I have not worn anything as fitted as that for years, it is a bit "Dallasy" for my taste but it was a good exercise in sewing stretch fabric.

  2. Oh wow that tart looks mouthwatering. Well done on the dress (love the colours).

    1. I love the fabric but will have to see about the dress. The tart was wonderful and will be appearing again, quite soon I think.

  3. The tart looks amazing, scrummy.

    1. Oh it was, it was very filling and very tasty.

  4. Like Joy I couldn't wear that style of dress but it is really pretty.
    That tart looks so yummy.

    1. I will let you all know if and when I wear it, there may well be an "occasion" when I need a flashy frock.

  5. You might feel more like wearing that lovely dress when the sun is shining. It does look very pretty.

    1. I am sure that i will find the right time and place. I tried it on again and I just have to get used to the change of style. I plan on hacking the pattern and making it into a true wrap in a lightweight cotton but fully lined.

  6. Hi,new to your blog I have peeped in a few times.I am a dog walker so have also gone out got soaked then sun come out lol.Love that fabric and oh that yummmy grub,do you have the blog address.Hugs

  7. is where you will find lots of yummyness. and welcome aboard.

  8. I agree with Cherie K, that you might like this dress better when the sun shines. The fabric is such a lovely soft colour.

    1. I do like the colour, and the pattern. I have enough for another dress and will be exploring a pattern hack to use it.


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