Monday 17 September 2018

Happy, happy post.

Monday morning, warm, slightly wet and windy. Housework day. The day when furniture gets hauled around, the vacuum cleaner goes into warp speed and the whole house has a miasma of polish, Zoflora  and bleach.

I love it.

But this Monday was even better than all that times 5.

The Postie brought me a little parcel of squishy loveliness.

I only ordered these the other day from Rosie's Moments.

This is 50% Merino 50% silk. The colour is garden flowers.
It will be a gift, once knitted.

It came with a lavender bag and this cute little sheep progress keeper.


This skein is 70% superwash Merino, 20% Yak and 10% Nylon.
It will be knitted into socks for the SO, I did tell him that it was Pink and Purple and I am sure there was a look of relief when the parcel was opened.

I am itching to get them cast on but have resigned myself to knitting through the sock WIPs first.
I have 7 pairs on the needles, my fuzzy ones and 6 pairs for Fran. They are to be part of her Christmas present, and the start of a new Tradition, I have got them all to the start of gusset increases so it will be a fairly quick job.
I have been galvanised into this plan of action by a new Craft Along. I have been watching The Project Bag podcast and Gemma has started this off to help her work through her own WIPs.

Just what I needed to get me focused and pointed in the right direction.

This has to be a quick visit ,coffee break, as I still have the bathroom to bottom and another load of laundry to do. I would normally leave it till I could peg out but the forecast is pretty dire and it is all the sofa throws and cushion covers. I have no room to keep those bulky items except for the bathroom or utility room floor. That is so not going to happen.

See you tomorrow, all being well.

                          TTFN                              Pam


  1. I find housework quite therapeutic at times. It's a lovely feeling to jump into bed and everything is deliciously clean.

    1. I am getting better at putting up with it. I do not expect that I will ever like it but I can not ignore it. I like it done and done properly.

  2. My mom always gave my daughter socks for christmas. She'd search them out in stores and find the funniest ones for her. I've continued the tradition. Since knitting is out of the question, I have to buy them....I gave my husband a pair of socks that had one of his favorite people, Bill Nye the Science Guy, on them.

  3. Definitely a happy post, especially when I saw the lovely new wool.

  4. The sheen on the silk yarn is gorgeous!


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