Thursday, 27 September 2018

It really is the Little Things.

We recycle every thing possible, stuff that can not go down that route is composted/re purposed/ taken down into components and as a final option goes to black bag rubbish. I say bag but we have a wheelie bin, it is emptied every 2 weeks and some weeks the base is not covered. I have 3 bags in the utility, 1 for plastic and cans, 1 for paper and cardboard and 1 for everything else. Just so that I am not running outside every few minutes.
 There is also a small bin for compost and another for cooked food waste, that goes to the council compost site on a weekly basis.

There are times when the wrong item goes into one of these bags. Whilst I was "doing" the kitchen and utility this morning I thought of a jolly wheeze, a way to prevent this and the subsequent muttering once the bag had to be emptied.
I emptied them all, brought them into the kitchen and fetched a permanent black marker (gosh they do whiff a bit). I duly spread 2 bags out, on the floor I hasten to add, and marked each for the contents. Great big capital letters on both sides of each bag.

P & C for paper and cardboard, let that dry and hung it up.
Next bag.
P & C for plastic and cans, let that dry and hung it up.

Then the penny dropped, with a resounding CLANG.

I now have a new bag duly anointed with  T & P for tins and plastic.

The glass goes straight out into a lidded collection bin. No worries on that score.

It took me right back to my first Freezer, a monstrous creature with walls about 6" thick and a motor that could have been first cousin to a Perkins diesel engine. Noisy, oh yes.

I embarked upon a baking marathon cakes, pies of all persuasions, pasties and the like. I had a large farmhouse kitchen and all the sweet things were on the dresser and all the savoury on the table. No accidents here.

Once all were cool and the detritus cleaned away I set to wrapping and labelling.
I am sure you can see the results.
An S for sweet. and another S for savoury.
The only good thing was that the sweet S was red which ran out, meaning that the savoury S was blue. Phew, disaster avoided, just.

It also helped that I have always decorated the tops of savoury pies and never sweet ones.
I do remember being in a shop with my grand daughter about 25 years ago and at the top of her voice she asked the counter assistant why the apple pies were decorated with blobs (her word) of pastry when everybody knew that you only did that to savoury pies. She had just started school and "why" was her favourite word.

Little things, they can niggle.

I am off in a minute to have my Flu Jab, as luck would have it I walked past the surgery yesterday and spotted a notice stating that the jabs  for over 65,s were being done in alphabetical order this year and A - E's day was the 27th. The past years it has been a free for all. The new regime means that the SO, as an asthma patient will have to go on a different day.

Once I get back it will be a cuppa and then time for a dog walk, I am hoping that the exercise will push the vaccine round fast and any side effects will be over pdq.

I have promised the sewing room a couple of hours of my time this afternoon, really needs a couple of days but little and often is less tedious.

                               TTFN                                    Pam


  1. My sewing need a couple of weeks, loads already cut out! It's a minefield with recycling, our local council has good results, but does not take many items. We are trying not to bring so much one use plastic into our house.

    1. I made a stack white cotton bags from an elderly sheet, they weigh next to nothing and are perfect for loose fruit and veg. The cashiers at our local shops do not mind in the slightest. Several people have said that they think it is a good idea.

    2. excellent idea - i've got a couple of old pillowcases - now I know what to do with them, thanks!

  2. We're quite organised with our recycling too but our council will no longer allow us to put food waste into our brown bins. Not that we have a lot of food waste anyway but I would rather what we do have was taken away for composting rather than having to go in our black bins.
    I've always decorated savoury pies too else with my luck I would pull out something like a rhubarb pie to have with potatoes and
    Have a lovely day.

    1. We get a separate bin for all food waste, and a small caddy with free bags for inside the house. I only put cooked food waste and things like fat trimmings and fish bones in there.

  3. hi there - you came to mind yesterday when i was reading about 'socktober' - have you heard of it? it's a campaign in October collecting donations of(new) socks which will be given pre-winter to local homeless charities. Collection points are local banks and businesses. Thought you might be interested?

    1. What a good idea, I knit for a Church group who hand out clothing to the homeless, they do a great job. They also take urns of soup and packs of sandwiches round.

    2. that sounds great! i can't imagine how cold you must get if you're living outside. if you want to check out more, socktober has a website.

  4. I am still smiling at P & C...we are certainly very blessed here we can call in anytime for flu jabs.

    1. That is how it has been in the past, Progress I suppose.

  5. No distinctions for us for our flu jabs - first come, first served, and as we rarely go to the surgery, it came as a bit of a shock when I went to collect K's eye drops a fortnight ago to find it was all booked solid until 20th October!

    Glad your recycyling letters have been sorted out!

  6. We are lucky here all our recycling can be mixed together before putting it in the bin. The recyclers sort it for us.

    God bless.

  7. All flu jabbed here, it was like a production line at our surgery last weekend, so most of the community is all done.
    We are really good at recycling, when my son started school some 28 years ago his school was one of the first to bring home letters asking the community to sort their rubbish.


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