Wednesday, 19 September 2018

WIP shrinkage

One down, 8 to go, pairs of socks that is. The garments in waiting can wait a bit longer.

This pair are now tucked away in the sock drawer, perfect for wearing with boots on dog walks when it is frosty.

This is the next WIP to get my attention, I had completely forgotten them. The yarn has been here for a few months and I cast them on within hours of the delivery. Then Fran asked for something and they haven't seen the light of day from then to last night. I had knitted the toes and finished the increases, so a few rounds went on last night while we binge watched Killing Eve.
 Not a bad watch but a few loose ends to carry over to the next series.

Apart from the garden being a no go area, all of the great outdoors really, thanks to the tail end of storms that are shedding their water content all over the show. Life has continued ticking away gently here.
The normal chores, a bit of random baking and some extra polishing. That is merely to keep me moving and reflect whatever natural light that is trickling in.

I had assembled a pile of things to donate so we went off to Ammanford this morning and dropped those off. While we were there we had a nose round Tesco and picked some barganicious shopping. Packs of 5% minced beef were reduced along with some Sirloin steaks at less than half price.
I can see chillies, pasta dishes and Yorkshire Puddings filled with mince and veg in our future. I make all of those on a regular basis but with half price meat it seems to taste even better.
 Raisin and Cinnamon bagels (for the SO) and some wholemeal baps for much less than I can make them are now safely in the freezer.
The SO likes a fish finger sarnie every now and then so when I spotted packs of 4 Large breaded fish steaks on a promotion for £1.50 I snapped up 2 boxes. They will be easier than fingers to put in a roll.

There was a mega naughty buy, a Zillionaires Shortbread at half price caught the SO's eye and he promptly turned into a little boy! Puppy dog eyes and a wistful expression were turned in my direction, in the trolley it went. A chunk of that will be going to W to soothe his sweet tooth. I don't like it at all, not even if I make it myself far too much of a tooth curling sweet overload for me.

My shopping list has been decimated for Friday so I will possibly do a quick tinned and dry goods stock take and have a shop up on those.

Tonight's dinner is cod steaks in a tomato, onion and basil sauce. I will serve it on a bed of Savoy cabbage and cook a little pasta for the SO. 
I will just sweat off some red onion and garlic, throw in a chopped red pepper and a tsp of dried basil along with a tin of chopped tomatoes. I may sear the fish or it may go straight in with a handful of fresh basil for 5 minutes. A simple, easy and very tasty dinner,I use quite a bit of dried basil in cold weather meals as it adds a note of warmth, the heat of chilli would swamp the fish flavour. 
In summer fish dishes I tend to reach for French Tarragon or dill.

That's all for now, it is dry and bright so an extra walk is in order, just in case of bad weather later.

                     TTFN                                     Pam


  1. Hi Pam :) I love the colours of your finished socks, they are super! I love how you described the shortbread incident hee hee! :)

  2. Your tomato sauce sounds delicious, and I love your bargainicious finds! Hope your weather stays bright the news showed the west of the country getting such a battering xx

  3. I haven't had a fish finger sarnie for such a long time and then I seem to be reading about them on every other blog. I am now going to the freezer to check out the fish situation...

  4. Got to love a fish finger sandwich.....yummy.

  5. Ooooh the colours of the yarn you've used for the socks is just delicious.
    The shortbread makes my teeth curl just looking at it never mind eating


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