Saturday 8 September 2018

Lazing on a rainy afternoon

With a little apology to the Kinks.

And with a big Thank you and lots of squishy hugs to you all for all your comments. Believe me that I missed you all just as much, I did visit every now and then but the quiet times were few and far between.

I woke to drizzle with the odd outbreak of heavy "racing out of the skies" downpours.
Not that I mind, we have had some full on days in the garden and I am enjoying being busy doing little or less.

Some knitting, I have started the sleeve top shaping. The rows are getting progressively shorter but my interest is waning, I need to crack on with that.
Of course I will be busy clicking away tonight during Strictly but that will be the first pair of "strictly socks". I have the yarn, from Rosies Moments, Almost Sprinkles with silver stellina. A nod to the glitter ball.

It is very sparkly, enough so that you should see some in the photo's.

I will be using a pattern from stash that I have knitted many times. It was the first pair of socks that Mandy published and I love it. So much that I am using it for Fran's Christmas socks, I have used the stitch pattern on 2 cardigans and plan on using it for my next sweater.

I have been reading this morning, using the Kindle app on my tablet. I can not imagine why I resisted for so long, I prostrate myself at the altar of techy tech. Not really but I am loving it.

I felt the need to bake and embrace the Autumnal feeling in the air....Cue a new version of an old recipe.

4 eggs and the same weight of sugar and butter, again with flour plus an extra 50 grams. some milk, baking powder and a shake of vanilla.
 Have you seen that the price of this has shot through the roof, I am so pleased that I bought oodles of it before that happened.
To welcome in the autumn I added 3 apples, peeled and grated, a good shower of ground almonds and a very generous shake of cinnamon.
There was enough mix for 2 x 8" pans and a small pudding dish, I did put a goodly slug of golden syrup in the dish first.

The smell was Am Aze Ing, Craig Revel Horwood has a lot to answer for. The second cake will go to W.

I was sorely tempted to dig a spoon into this straight from the oven. Luckily I managed to resist or the syrup would have given me first degree burns. Enough oral drama going on without that.

Both cakes and pudding have sunk a little, I was very heavy handed with the grated apple. I did not add quite enough ground almonds to compensate, I am sure that they will taste fine though and that is all that matters.

There is a little ironing to do, not enough to make it worthwhile putting the board up, that makes me very happy.
The house was blitzed yesterday and all is still clean and tidy, the bathroom had it's daily doing and the kitchen is always a work in progress.

I am still lapping up the freedom, a bit miffed that my planned final assault on the blackberry picking front had to be cancelled but I can live with that.

It Better Be Fine Tomorrow.

Now I can hear the siren song of my book dragging me back to the tablet, I may have to take a detour through the kitchen. Books are always better with a cuppa, in this house anyhow.

I bid you all farewell, till the next time.

                         TTFN                                         Pam

PS. Don't forget to....................................Keep Dancing xxx.


  1. Oh I'm so looking forward to Strictly (even if I haven't heard of half the 'celebs') - it's been such a long time since it was on! That yarn is gorgeous.

    1. I am also in the dark but am excited to watch it. I love the yarn, I looked on several Etsy shops before making my mind up. I do like Rosie's moments, her yarns are so soft and the colours just perfect.

  2. The cake looks very delicious Pam. Would that be about 350F in the oven and for how long? Glad to see you are still enjoying your freedom.

    1. My oven runs a bit hot so I cooked these at 325F for 35 minutes.It is my standard go to cake recipe, I just vary the flavours. If I add fruit or nuts I throw in some ground almonds to give a bit more density. This time i did not take into account the fact that the apples were fresh off the tree and very juicy.

  3. Golly that cake looks and sounds delicious.

    1. It is, I vary the additions according to what I have in the pantry but the basic recipe remains the same.

  4. I love that yarn! That would be a wonderful shawl.
    I've worn out 3 Kindles. With the newest one I put in a 64G SD card so I can download movies and tv shows to watch when there isn't a wifi connection. I gave my last Kindle Fire to my daughter to replace the first fire I had. I either use my Kindle or my iPad.
    The cake sounds wonderful.
    Just finished watching the US Open. I like Serena but she needs to step aside and let the younger girls come up. Naomi Osaka played the fearless game and the fact that Serena threw a fit put a bit of a damper on it. Tomorrow the mens!

    1. I have to have some more sparkly yarn, this is flying off the needles. The first sock is ready for the heel. My sister messaged me this morning, she feels that Serena should be barred from tennis for 12 months.

  5. So good you are getting better. That cake looks delicious. The wool is so pretty. I have been using up lots of odd bits to crochet to make rainbow blankets.
    Love Hazel c uk

    1. I am feeling much brighter and forget my teeth for big chunks of time. I have another pair of long scrappy socks in and quite fancy a sweater using a base colour and then various other colours held together. I have seen shawls knitted in that way and they are stunning.

  6. That cake sounds and looks delicious, I bet that hit the spot.


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