Saturday, 29 September 2018

Saturday Shorty.

The last push today for the wall and patio. It will involve moving .
the heaviest slabs, we saved the best for last. Not

I will be helping with the lifting and in between carrying on with the general tidy up business. The gas barbie will be moving down to the new patio, so a large area near the shed and greenhouse will become MINE, all MINE. I have plans, I have planters, compost and seeds. 
Once Spring has sprung it will be a potted herb and salad patch.

The Jack and Jill seat will also be moving, another free area for me, no firm plans for that just yet.

Behind the raised beds is a very solid and tall fence, I am going to plant at least one pear tree there and either Espalier or Fan train it. There is space for 2 which would help pollination, lots of pears are self pollinating but you get a better crop if there are two. 
I have looked around and there is not another pear tree to be seen close enough.

Here are my latest Wool warehouse goodies......Well they would be if the 'puter would let me access them.

Instead here is my new cupboard

I have opened the top and bottom cupboards and everything that I need is at my fingertips now. There is even room for a cuppa, and the 'puter lives on the top

I will have another bash at getting that photo later, if not I will take another. 
I am off now to help move the slabs before I walk Herbie and Rufus.

                           TTFN                                        Pam


  1. A busy weekend for you then Pam.
    I hope the weather stays nice. It's bright but very chilly here this morning.

    1. Saturday was amazing and we got loads done, Sunday was not so good but was marked down as a rest day.

  2. Nice cupboard and you are making wonderful use of it for all your knitting.

    God bless.

  3. Your new cupboard looks full of nice goodies all close to hand.

    1. It still needs finessing but it just right for me.


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