Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Hunter gathering.

Not too good on the hunting side (It was never going to happen in reality) but a full on Gathering afternoon.

Once all the chores were done and lunch was made, eaten and cleared away I put on sturdy boots and a thorn proof gilet, collected various receptacles with lids and a decent bag to carry them in. I set off "down the stones", that is the common term for the disused railway track that runs through the village. Most of the sleepers and track have gone and the ground spread with large chippings or "stones". 

I had eyed up a good stand of blackberries and was hoping that the recent wet weather had not ruined them. I am happy to say that I was soon blessed with about 3 kilos of large juicy berries, purple fingers embellished with a goodly collection of prickles. 
I also spotted a wealth of rose hips that may be coming home with me at a later date.
On my way back I remembered spotting a crab apple tree last year, it had hardly any fruit but thought that I may as well check it out.I am happy to say that I topped up the carrier bag and filled all my pockets with apples. I have just used the last jar of Rosemary and Apple jelly so that is in my to do plan for this morning.

Dinner was a full on winner last night, although it was a bit on the fiery side, I added half of a chilli from my new plant and that was plenty.

The bacon pack had 2 very chunky bits of smoked bacon in and I used the largest. I cut it in half and put one half to cook in one of the cans of fizzy orange, this was after it had been soaked in several changes of cold water. It is now in the fridge waiting to be used later.

The rest I cut off every scrap of fat and then diced up ready for cooking. I then prepped and diced a red onion, red pepper, 3 sticks of celery, 2 courgettes (from the garden) and sliced up quarter of a cabbage that was lurking in the fridge. The chilli and 2 cloves of garlic and the kernels off 3 mini corn cobs and then I measured out 2 Tsps Chinese 5 spice and 3 Tsps garlic powder ( no vampires in this house). Along with half a carton of passata and the can of fizzy I had some fry light and blackpepper.

I sealed the bacon bits in the oil, added the onions and celery with a splash of water and cooked for around 4 minutes. In went the rest of the veg ( minus the cabbage for another 4 - 5 minutes, I then added the passata, seasoning and gave it a good stir. Poured in the fizzy and had another stir up, once it came to the boil I stirred in the cabbage then turned the heat down and let it burble away till everything was cooked and the sauce was nice and thick. Served with a sweet potato it was delicious, there was enough for 3 portions so one is in the fridge.

This morning I woke to a wet and windy day, not sorry as I want a day indoors, I aim to make the most of it. First job is to get those apples chopped and on the stove, I will venture as far as the herbs to grab some rosemary and aim to have the jelly bag set up asap.

Now I am in dire need of a cuppa and maybe a slice of toast.

                    TTFN                                              Pam


  1. Oh....a kitchen full of the smell of apples gorgeous.
    Love the sound of your bacon dish. That would be just right for today which is cold and wet here too....I am not complaining either.

  2. Yes just the right time for gathering. 3 kilos is brilliant. Hope there weren’t too many thorns and scratches.

  3. mmm that sounds delicious meal.
    Great haul of 'free fruit'


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