Friday 14 September 2018

Whinge of the week

Why don't:-

People with aggressive dogs walk them with a muzzle.

Drivers leave 10 minutes early so they do not have to take chances, and cause accidents like the one on the Neath road this morning.

Dog walkers clean up behind their dogs.

Parents walking children keep them on the side of the pavement away from the road.

Walkers leave their earbuds out so they can hear the traffic.

Pedestrians stand still while texting, rather than wandering into the path of others.

Car drivers who have their windows open turn the volume down on radios.

People who smoke stub their cigarettes out rather than flick them willy nilly, regardless as to where they may land.

On line retailers take things off their website that are no longer in stock, or even sold by them now.

All supermarkets sell wonky fruit and veg boxes.

Clothing manufacturers get together and implement a cross the board sizing policy.

Advertising standards crack down on the proliferation of ridiculous claims, just how many different brands of toothpaste do you have to use to protect your pearly whites.

I think that's enough to be going on with.

Just taking a coffee break before going back to the garden.

                 TTFN                                             Pam


  1. HeHe! Few more to be thinking about...

    Growing old
    Losing the technology war.
    Being forgotten.
    Rude people.
    People who never listen to you.
    Whingers! :). (Do I need to say more)?

  2. Love it, specialy the last one.

    1. Oops, I can spell, honest injun, I was just laughing too much to control the old fingers.

  3. Don't worry about spilling...I read franatacally..oooops!
    frinatacaly...oooops! frenetically...Ah! That's it...!!!
    Another thing to whinge about...Spilling..or is it spelling..! :).

  4. I let people who have their head down texting and walking, walk straight into me. It’s good sport. They look so surprised!! I usually get an apology. If not I smile sweetly and mutter rude words which the young can probably just hear. Childish? - yes. Good fun - hell yes!

    1. I have a little saying that I use in such situations, not for here though. I say it quick and the recipients usually apologise and then do a double take when they realise that what they thought they heard was wrong, maybe.

  5. Some excellent whinges there Pam and I totally agree with all of them especially the clothing one. I would love to know what kind of creature they measured for the sizing of childrens can't have been human.

    1. I know, I looked at some baby clothes last year and said baby must have had the torso of a weeble with the limbs of a zebra.

  6. The clothing sizes begger belief, they REALLY DO need to standardise sizes.

  7. Loving the moans, you sound like me.


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