Thursday, 13 September 2018

Off to a flying start

The rebuilding has started,not as intended though, as the wall came down it was evident that a great deal was comprised of old bricks, lumps of concrete and other rubbish.
The SO was emphatic that nothing but stone was going into his wall!
Luckily there are stones scattered through the garden, I seem to be missing a few slabs from the path though. He also decided to use mortar as even with my path (!) there might not be enough for dry stone. I am pleased as there is a lot of soil behind that wall and the garden drops down to the it. Probably the reason that it was in such a bad state.


The stone waiting to be cleaned.
My job.

The SO at work.

So far, so good.
Very good.

I am very happy with how it is turning out and am looking forward to seeing the end result.

While I had the camera out I thought that I would share these with you.

I bought these plants for the front window box but decided to put them here.

I am sure they are happy here, they seem to be smiling widely. There are some miniature Penstemons in there, I found them in
 B & M a few weeks ago. If they turn out to be too tall I will fit them in the garden somewhere.

I have done my usual inside jobs and taken the dogs out as well as labouring for the SO. At a loose end after lunch, more yummy soup, I took some cuttings. I know that it is a bit late but fingers crossed they will come good.
I had a couple of Pelargoniums that put on a good show so 3 of each of those have been tucked away and then I started on the Hydrangeas. I know that it is a bit late but I have 3 cuttings from 2 of my plants and another 3 plants to go. That will be tomorrows task, there is some ironing that needs my attention (drat and double drat) so that is next on the agenda.

I have nearly finished the Strictly socks, soooo I shall wear them while watching, if I stick with it, and knit another pair. Or two.

I just have to say a big hello and welcome to my new followers, I hope that you all enjoy my babbling, I have a grasshopper mind and it tends to bounce all over the place.

Talking about bouncing, Herbie went to bed the other night as a proper little Jug and got up as a cross between Zebedee and Tigger. I had to borrow Rufus from W and take him for a long walk. I was exhausted just watching him tearing around like a mad thing.

On that note I will go and tear into that ironing.

                     TTFN                                     Pam


  1. So nice to have a handy man! (fortunately I have one too). Young dogs can (and do) wear you out, don't they? Our Betty sleeps most of the day and comes alive in the round like a mad thing and insisting we play. Just when all we want is to relax....

    1. Herbie has calmed down a great deal but that was a doozy of a day he had a long walk with Rufus with some off lead racing around. He came in after, had 30 minutes rest and was ready to go again.

  2. It's looking wonderful Pam. I love the pansies. They are so cheery. I'm not much for hydrangeas, though they seem to be popular around here.

    1. There is at least one Hydrangea in most garden here, they make wonderful cut flowers, 3 blooms and the vase is full. The soil suits them so they give a rainbow of colours.

  3. That is one impressive looking wall, what a great job.

  4. Pam, if your cuttings take, how do you plan to grow them on? Will you plant them out, pot them up, or what? I grew some viburnum cuttings a few years ago, but I just stuck them in a bed with the idea I would move them in the spring, if they took. They took, but I moved, and they are probably still in the same place. It was earlier in the year, though.

    1. I have put them into decent size pots to start so it will be a while before I have to disturb them. Once the danger of frost has passed I will harden them off and then the Hydrangeas will be gifts and the Pelargoniums will go into the window boxes.


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