Tuesday 23 October 2018

All Change.

He is at it again, There is no rest for the SO, his choice.
 On Saturday he decided that Fran's bedroom needed sprucing up. Off came the wallpaper and new lining paper was hung. Then it was off to buy paint and today the room is done.
Of course the room had to be rearranged, if Fran goes to bed too tired she risks falling onto a chest of drawers rather than her bed.

It does look so much brighter, I now want to make new curtains, I plan on reusing the lining and tape, I will dig into the stash for something bright. Her dark blue floral have been up since we moved in, they were given to me and needed very little alterations to fit. Sanderson fabric that is still good so I will be using it for another project at some point.

I have been updating my Ravelry page, I had to give a best guess for some of the dates. I did trawl through the last 6 weeks of posts on here to find lots, but there are some much older ones that can go whistle. I must be better about getting my projects on there as soon as I cast them on.

It doesn't help that I do not keep all my photos, once they are safely on the blog I tend to delete them. 

The latest pair of socks are coming along well,

I am now turning the heel on the first sock. We are having a lazy dinner tonight, fish pie with carrots and broccoli. So lots of knitting time.

I was restless after lunch and there was a brimming fruit bowl looking at me. 2 pink grapefruit, 2 mandarins and 2 lemons, a couple of bags of sugar, with a little left over, and there are now 6 full jars of Marmalade gracing my shelf. Well there were 6 but A and W, my lovely neighbours have one each. There is also a taster jar, that will probably be eaten tomorrow morning, on toast for the SO and in porridge for me.
The fruit was all reduced in Tesco and the whole lot came in under £1.50, that makes me extremely happy. The skins are less tough than Seville oranges so they were soft enough to add the sugar after just over an hour of simmering. Around 15 minutes to setting point and another 15 standing to let the peel settle, I want peel all the way through the jar, not just in the top half.

I have just twigged that my sparkly pink yarn has not arrived, it only has to come from Cardiff, I will be chasing that up soon, very soon.

I am still using the borrowed mouse, I have one on the way at some point today. It is strange using one again but I will stick with it, perhaps a new 'puter will come my way in the January sales. Those ones that start Christmas Eve or Boxing Day, we will see.

Ben has had a new lease of life and energy, he has a walk with Herbie first thing. Then at 10.30 when I take Rufus and Herbie out for a long walk he has started to tell me, in no uncertain terms, that he is coming as well.
Of course he cannot manage the whole walk so I have amended the route, the first bit is now a circuit and he is happy to be dropped off at home after 20 minutes or so. Then the rest of us set off for part 2.

Who's the daddy then?

Onward and upward, I am off to put everything away in the kitchen, all are clean they just need to go back to their rightful places.

                        TTFN                                     Pam


  1. Goodness me...your SO is quicker than I am at decorating

    Love how that yarn is knitting up.

  2. Love porridge but have never had it with marmalade must give it a try very soon.

    God bless.

  3. Home made marmalade ... yummy


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