Thursday 18 October 2018

Which group are you in?

Some people think that the world is divided into 2 groups, those who have and those who have not.
Some would say, fat and thin. Others clever and average. and so on.

I think that there are 2 groups, those who see that something needs doing and get on with it, and those who couldn't see it if they fell over it. The second lot would possibly do it if asked, perhaps another sub group.

I also think that part of the blame lies with my generation. The mothers who were among the first to have job without feeling guilty or the shame of needing 2 incomes. Perhaps shame is too strong a word but I remember the gossip when my Grandmother went to work. It was even worse when she stayed at work after the need had passed.

Working mums would do all the household tasks, or at least the majority of them, as it was faster than persuading and then showing the teenagers how to do it.
I remember my Mum spending a time showing my youngest sister how to do something, only to shove her out of the way in mild desperation to do it herself.

She said that it was a waste of time in which another job could have been ticked off the list.

The SO can see exactly what needs doing, sometimes before me, and just does it. That was how he was raised, Francesca is the same. All of us were the same, with the exception of the youngest who managed to incur the wrath of the rest of us.
Mind you she bucked her ideas up when we delegated all the dirty but simple jobs to her. There was a lot of brass in the house and she copped the cleaning of it, every week.

All that came from an overheard conversation as I walked the dogs this morning, while they were having a prolonged snuffle through some long grass a woman,s voice was almost shouting "How many times are you going to step over that? Why don't you just pick the B****y thing up and out it away? Do I have to do every B****y thing ?"

I was grinning for the rest of the walk.

On  different note the Christmas socks are finished and the 6th pair, this time in fingering weight, are cast on.

I would love this colourway in fingering weight sock yarn, it is so joyous.


This yarn is a joy to knit with, I have managed to lose the label and have no memory of where it came from or how long that I have had it. Shameful but there it is. I will try to go through the blog and find it as I must have logged it somewhere.

The curry was delicious and I made flat breads to have with it, brushed with garlic and coriander butter, Yummy. I used 1 cup of plain flour, 2 tsp baking powder and a cup of coconut Greek style yogurt from Tesco. They were soft and very moreish, I will be making them again.

I did not follow my recipe as I lost track of time and had lots to do in the afternoon. I like to make my curry in the morning, chill it down and then reheat ready for dinner, I think that it gives the flavours time to meld and mellow.
 I took a tip from many of the SW Youtubers and used a Mayflower Chinese style curry mix and stuck it in the slow cooker on high for 4 hours. I picked it up in B&M a few weeks ago and it was not too bad at all. The SO loved it as he is a fan of Chinese curry, I did fill it with lots of lovely veg and used my fresh coriander in the sauce and sprinkled on the top. We both love coriander

I will be making another curry later on and will post the recipe then.

It is dry and fine this morning but with just a little touch of chill in the air, a real Autumn morning.

I think that I told you that we were watching Designated Survivor on Netflix and enjoying it. Hmmm, we watched episode 6 last night and were not overly impressed. I wonder now if it is going to become painfully drawn out to get as many episodes as possible. We will watch number 7 and then decide to keep or not. 

Ben and Herbie had a longer than normal walk, I was happy to follow Ben's lead and he was making the most of it.

Now it is time for toast and perhaps another cuppa. 
Who am I kidding?
It is a given that there will be tea, toast is just too dry without it.

                            TTFN                              Pam.


  1. I think I am in the 'see something that needs doing and get it done group' but in our house that is a very exclusive one person group. Andy will try to help by doing some washing up but to be honest it gets done better if I just do it myself. If he does it I end up redoing half of it anyway.

    Isn't that green mix yarn gorgeous?

  2. I've read about that curry mix a few times but not from anyone I 'know', I might try it after seeing your review, thanks.

  3. I am definitely in group 1- sometimes to my detriment! I now try to avoid being taken for a mug and tell people who say I do something so well that I am happy to show them how to do it and then they will be able to do it too. ( Whatever “it” may be. )

  4. Like Sheila I'm a see something that's needs doing and get on with it. Although my last 6 months at work I dug my heels in. There was plenty of other people who had the same job
    title as me and earned the same money. So I asked them if they cared to do it.

  5. I use the mayflower curry mix with left over chicken and add frozen peas it's just like a Chinese curry from the take away my hubby loves it it's quick to make which is great when I don't feel like cooking much.carole

  6. I have a little sock envy, they are gorgeous.

  7. I used to be a doer, not so much now I'm afraid, but I still 'itch' to do something when I can see that it hasn't been done properly. I just have to bite my tongue and put up with it, as he does his best, bless him.

    I watched Designated Survivor and can't remember how far into the series I got before I was so fed up with two, three or four of them walking up and down corridors having conversations. It put me in mind of Law and Order UK.

  8. The Christmas socks are lovely. Your writing about cleaning brasses took me back many many years to my childhood. My grandma had lots of brass objects in her house including a big brass fender in front of the fire. Sitting and polishing the brasses was a job that my sister and I loved to do. I still love the smell of Brasso.

  9. I am a doer too, I have a fridge magnet I Loooove it says ...

    "Of course I don't look busy, I did it right the first time "

    Some people do a crook job so they won't be asked again but some do try their best.
    A good reply from my SIL was...your way might be best, but it's not the only way, good comment to my perfectionist daughter,(apple not far from tree 😊) to let him help.
    Loving the socks, great colours, I just cast on a mix of purple, blue and aqua, so pretty, fun knit.

  10. At our family lake place, my sister in law has a knack for seeing immediate everything that she feels needs to be done, and then assigning task's to people. Interesting, she seems to start things and then gradually someone is doing the job instead. That's another sub type, the delegator.

  11. Not too sure which group I am in. I think it just might depend on how I am feeling that day. Harvey used to be in the second group until the day I left his suit lying on the floor in the bedroom (it lay there for almost a year). I would pick it up, vacuum under it and drop it back down. Then came the day he wanted to wear said suit. Of course it was a mass of wrinkles. When asked why when I vacuumed and it was off the floor why I didn't put it away. I answered "I have three children to pick up after I don't need a fourth." Now he is almost better at getting things put in their proper place than I am.

    God bless.

  12. This did make me chuckle, a very familiar conversation! He is getting there but wills mum is of said generation and when he left home I don't think he knew how to do laundry. The willing is there but he just doesn't seem to see mess!


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