Monday 8 October 2018

Guess who is in the dog house.

Drip, drip,drip, drippety drip drip.

That is the sound of rainwater dripping out of my back yard water butt into a plastic bucket.

Why is that? you may ask.

Why doesn't she turn the tap right off? you may think.

Well this is why!

There is a little fawn and black Jug in the house who, at some point, yesterday morning decided that plastic taps were as good as a bacon butty.

This butt is, of course, full to the brim. We now have to get it emptied and try to get another tap put in. If that does not work it will mean a new butt. 

They Are Not Cheap.

I still love him.

Honest, truly, cross my heart and all that.

On a different note wasn't Strictly full of surprises on Saturday. Seann Walsh looked like a different person and Kevin can have all the bananas he likes from this fan. Again no surprise in the dance off couples and it was, to me, no surprise as to which couple left. 

I did have a little conversation with Francesca, in regard to Christmas gifts.
She has plumped for heaps of woolly goodness, and nothing else this year, he he he. Little does she know that I have been squirrelling yarny items away for many weeks now.
There are hats, cowls, socks and a sweater all done and wrapped up. There are a few more pairs of socks to finish off and another sweater cast on. It is in chunky yarn so will not take long.
 I did finish off a hat yesterday morning, all it needed was the pom pom and I made and attached it while drinking my first cuppa.

I did crop this photo but now can not find it. I am so not techy. I will try again later after my hospital visit.
The rib is 2 x 2 and the knit stitches are twisted every other row for 5 repeats and then every fourth row for 3 repeats. it gives a nice texture and makes knitting rib a bit more interesting.

Now it is time to get the dogs fed, they have had their first walk and the SO will give Herbie a longer walk a bit later.
I do expect that the instant I walk back in the house both he and Ben will NEED to go out Right Now.
 I am certain that most dogs do this, almost as if they are making you realise that they should come first, last and in the middle.
Or is it that we just automatically live our lives around what we think they need?

Any how, I will see you tomorrow, hopefully.

                      TTFN                                    Pam


  1. Strictly is good this year, Seann Walsh I think got lucky, his partner danced so wonderfully, I still thin he stomps his way through.

    1. I can not see him lasting very long, but who knows.

  2. Wouldn’t it happen when the butt is full, can’t imagine it tasted that nice though xx

    1. It is the first thing that he has chewed for several weeks, he has his toys for that. I think that he was just protesting at being shut out of the garden.

  3. What a little monkey eating your water butt tap....but if you are anything like me one look from a soulful pair of doggy eyes and I just can't tell them off.
    Lucky Francesca with all that woolly goodness to look forward to.

    1. I couldn't tell him off as I did not catch him chewing. The new one will have a guard over it.

  4. I loved Kevin and Stacey too.
    Naughty pooch. I've got a kitty here at the moment sporting a buster collar after an op to remove a growth on his paw so I am not his best friend at the moment.

  5. What a shame, hopefully you will be able to replace the tap.

  6. Those gorgeous woolly goodies are going to be very welcome aren't they?


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