Tuesday 2 October 2018


Yesterday was mega, we were both working hard for most of the day. The patio has 3 more slabs to be fitted in, the wall is finished. I have emptied and cleaned a stack of planters and pots ready for next year.
A new bed has been topped up with spent compost, soil from the patio area and some home made compost. I think that this will become a mixture of low growing plants, bulbs and corms. I have a bag full of dwarf spring bulbs ready to go in and I think that some Cyclamen and Primula would look good for late summer/early autumn colour. 
I will have a look round for plants at the weekend, I will not be out and about before then.
I will be looking for 2 pear trees to plant in the next few weeks, feathered maidens  if I can get them, to plant against the fence. I saw some in Neath the other day and they looked good, absolutely dripping with fruit.

Today is damp and drizzly so it has been  catch up with house work, cook ahead and generally be busy crossing lots of jobs off the list.

There is a beef curry in the slow cooker, Mary Berry's sausage supper is ready to bang in the oven and I have chicken and bacon to go in as well for  a rice dish. There are a couple of apple crumbles, apples part cooked and crumble mixed, ready to be assembled and cooked. One for us and another for W.

I haven't touched the Strictly Socks yet as my btm has hardly been on a seat since first thing.

It is a rest day, but only from the garden. We have both kept occupied, now I am about to take Ben and Herbie out. They usually go a bit later but the SO has Asthma clinic this afternoon so it is an early walk for them. They will still go out later in the evening, they have good internal clocks and will be on Red Alert withing a few minutes of 9 o'clock.

I still have some comments to reply to and a load of blog reading to catch up with, but duty calls.
ie, both dogs are looking at me, how they know that the walk is early I can not fathom, it must be my body language.

                      TTFN                                     Pam

PS. It will be knitting tonight, I have 2 days of Strictly It Takes Two to watch, I didn't have time to watch it yesterday.



  1. You have been busy and deserve a rest.

    God bless.

  2. Hi pam, sounds busy busy. I hope you are well .we have two pear trees but haven't seen so much as a blossom in two years, I hope you have more joy with yours!
    I feel bad that we haven't seen you lately, I have been meaning to call. Would you like some apples? I am happy to drop off in the car if you can use them. Jess x

  3. Your garden will be amazing with all your hard work.
    We need to get some more bulbs in as not many of ours flowered in Spring.

  4. Bet your home smells wonderful with the cooking, apple crumble one of my favourites.


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