Saturday 6 October 2018

How do I smell?

With my nose! 

How else would I?

Mmmm, I think that I smell with my eyes as well. If I walk into  room, perhaps a shop, that is cluttered, has dull lighting and is stuffed full then I can smell musty, dusty stale air.

When I walk into a kitchen that is pristine, shiny, squeaky clean with empty surfaces I smell bleach/cleaning products.
If the kitchen has a cook book or 2, a few, obviously used, gadgets and perhaps a few implements dotted around then I get a light scent of meals, lovingly prepared, a cake just cooled, possibly the yeasty smell of dough rising.

My house smells of all the above along with fresh air and flowers.
The flowers are not real, they are not air fresheners they come from a little bottle from my childhood.


That bottle, once glass, is made of the naughty, pariah product plastic and in some circles is one of the "must have" items.

I understand that there is an Instagram mega star promoting cleaning, almost as an art form, and Zoflora is one of the stars of the show. many more have jumped headfirst onto the bandwagon and go into raptures over this wonder product of the times.

Well, I agree that it is a very good product and that it deserves a place in most households. I say most as there will be those who find all the perfumes wrong for them, there may well be allergy issues to boot.
My Granny agreed long before all this media stuff was even a glimmer of an idea, her mother taught her how good it was.

I use a light solution in the bathroom on a daily basis, every surface, tap, ledge and the "wet" side of the shower curtain gets a spray. A drizzle goes down the plug holes at each end of the day, and a slug into the loo last thing every night.

All the kitchen vertical surfaces, handles and splash backs get the same. Work tops have white vinegar/water/dish liquid spray.

In my vacuum cleaner there is a little ball of cotton wool that has neat Zoflora sprinkled on it, the air that comes out smells like perfume, not dog hair.

In case you think that I get through it by the tanker load, a little goes a very long way. It is readily available in the budget shops, I get mine in Home Bargains, around £1 a bottle. I keep 1 in both bathroom and kitchen and they last for ages.

I do not love cleaning, but I do love my home to be as clean as possible. Not antiseptic clean, not as tidy as a show home, just to be a normal lived in and comfortable space. 

On another note the next pair of Strictly Socks are on their way, I am using  King Cole Zig Zag in the Wild Orchid colourway, nothing like the colours on the website, but lovely all the same.

My usual Turkish cast on with 14 wraps and increase to 64 then 6 further rounds in stocking stitch. This fits Fran's toes a treat, I can not follow the exact recipe as this yarn is super plump so a few less rounds. Not to be sneezed at. 
I am using Hermione,s Everyday pattern, a long time favourite. It gives a really nice textured fabric.

I will get a photo later, my eyes do not want to play this morning. Nothing serious, just tired and a bit blurry.

We were recommended Designated Survivor on Netflix and had a quick look last night......4 episodes later and just after midnight we tore ourselves away from the telly and went to bed.

It is now 7:30 and I have been awake long enough to make a cuppa and let Ben out into the garden. Herbie is curled up, tighter than a hedgehog, in his bed.

I guess that once Strictly has been watched, chewed over, dissected and talked out we will be watching some more episodes. Kiefer Sutherland is a joy to watch, just like his father Donald was.

I am in dire need of another cuppa and I can hear the SO moving about. I am off to get the kettle on, see you all tomorrow.

Have a good weekend.

                      TTFN                                      Pam


  1. I know what you mean about your eyes and nose working together.

    1. I do try not to judge on first impressions but it is difficult.

  2. I have used Zoflora for years, ever since my sister used to work in an assisted-living facility for people with learning difficulties. At that time (I don't know if it is still true) Zoflora was the only household cleaner/disinfectant that was safe if you drank it, as sometimes happened in this place! I do use bleach when necessary but I am not a big fan, Zoflora is much more pleasant. Sadly I have no almost sense of smell, though.

    1. I used to be the bleach queen but use white vinegar in plce of it most of the time. I have always used Zoflora but only recently found out that it had become so fashionable.

  3. I used to love all of the Zoflora scents but then they started triggering my migraines so had to stop using most of them. I now just use the Winter scented one.
    I never thought of putting some on a cotton ball in the hoover so thanks very much for that tip.

    1. I haven't used that one, it will be on my shopping list. I do pop a similarly treated cotton wool ball in the SOs shoes sometimes.

  4. I haven't got very far on my Strictly socks but I'm only knitting on them during the programmes, I'm using the Cha Cha Chevron pattern, nice and easy so I don't have to concentrate whilst I'm watching. I love the Hermione pattern, I'm a big fan of textured patterns.

    1. I am watching the back catalogue of shows and dances on you tube, so am knitting on them. I can not sit without some hand work.

  5. I didn't know Donald Sutherland had passed ?

    1. I did not mean that, just that I never saw a poor performance from him. he is still alive and probably kicking.

  6. I am afraid I would probably walk in to your house and leave again straight away , no insult meant but I can not stand artificial scents my option would be to open the windows and clean with vinegar and bicarb.

  7. No offence taken, I can not cope with those air fresheners that plug in or spray all over the place. They catch in my throat and make my eyes sting. I grew up with Zoflora and Dettol but only use Zoflora. I use vinegar and bicarb to clean my oven, it does a marvellous job. White vinegar makes my bathroom and kitchen tiles gleam.

  8. I'll have to look out for the zoflora, although have never ben one to follow a fashion!
    Hermoiones socks ... i'm knitting that pattern too with ZigZag yarn, sock one finished here.
    Enjoy the show tonight.

  9. I buy Zoflora and it still is in a glass bottle. Not seen any in plastic , around here anyway. Like you say, a little goes a long way.

  10. Zoflora is toxic stuff! Look on the Zoflora website, right at the bottom in very small writing is a link to their Safety Data Sheet. Read right through the pdf and you'll see what hazardous stuff it is. The safety data says it's not even recommended to put down your drains! Hazardous to skin, inhalation, etc. etc.

  11. Zoflora sounds like it's doing a good job around your place.
    I can't have anything artificially perfumed , so I just have a jar of white vinegar with lots of citrus zest (peel,without the white pith) after soaking for a few weeks, you just water it down to suit the job and it cleans everywhere.
    Tiny cost and no nasty chemicals, you can use Lemon, Orange, Lime or Mandarin , whatever you like or are peeling at the time.
    Hope you will give it a try.


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