Sunday 21 October 2018

To label, or not to label?

That is indeed the question.
 Until a week or so ago I was firmly on the Not on your Nellie side. For the most part I still am.
There are a few exceptions, the main one being Marmite! Love it in lots of beany meals, on toast, under cheese on anything, on a spoon. You name it and 5 will give you 20 that I love it.

I also like Vegemite, it has it's place in my kitchen.

Parmesan cheese is another, in my book there is no substitute, I do use Grana Pandano but in its own right, not as a sub.

My conversion, completely out of character is fairy Liquid. !!

Then came the day when my bottle in use ran out. there was no spare in store!!? 
How did that happen? A serious shopping glitch.
Rats, there was washing up to finish and no way was I driving out just for 1 item.

It was a lovely day so,  grabbing bag, purse and after dragging a brush through my hair, I set off to the village shop.
I had my sights set on the cheapest of the cheap, it was only for 3 days till shopping day came round.

Lo and behold nestle cheek by jowl were the stinky green slimy stuff and the glistening yellow that is fairy liquid, On Offer no less.
It worked out very little more per 100 ml than the cheapo, something like 0.07p. 

I had a bottle through the till and was off home in no time.

It dawned upon me last night as the washing up was done that there is more than half the bottle left. A Maz Ing Dahling.

BTW What did you think of the substitute judge?

I am now a Fairy Liquid user, a convert no less.

BUT, that will not drive me to rush out and follow the label bandwagon.

I will be sniffing out the offers and shopping wisely, between the shops in Pontardawe I can get just about everything and the rest is only a click away. I save on prices, time and petrol which in turn saves on wear and tear.

No sewing today, it will be layering and pinning. 

I will see you on the other side.

                          TTFN                                       Pam


  1. I used to love Marmite until I lived just down the road from the factory where it's made. Ten years of smelling that every day put me off I can tell you.

    Not much of a stickler for labels although I will only use Napolina tinned tomatoes because I love them and salad cream has to be Heinz as I can't find anything else that tastes as good.

    Have a lovely peaceful day.

    1. Hi Pam, have I got this all wrong or did you use half a bottle of fairy for the washing up ?

  2. I am also a Fairy believer. We have a dishwasher which we use tablets in, and one day I was sent the Fairy samples.. I have never seen anything like it, the dishwasher itself was absolutely spotless, actually squeaky clean. It squeaked! The dishes were perfect, too.

    When I find a good branded product that I like, I will wait until it is on super special somewhere and then stock up like the zombie apocalypse is approaching. :)

  3. Coffee, marmite, tea bags and fairy are just some of the named things I buy but only when on offer. There's lots I dont bother with.

  4. Hi Pam, if you have a farmfoods near you, check out their prices on fairy liquid. They have really big bottles of it and one of those lasts us 12 months.

  5. I do have firm belief is some labels, but try to be open even on them to trying different brands xx

  6. There are a few things I will only buy the brand name product as the others just don't taste quite right. Other items though I will and do buy the store brand... Provided it is made in Canada (I am on a don't buy anything from the U.S. kick right now because of the way we are being treated).

    God bless.

  7. I am not bothered about labels, how good the product is matters.

  8. Fairy all the way .....also like marmite!

  9. With you definately on the Marmite - love the stuff and actually i can't recall seeing any own brand equivalents. FLiq def for handwashing dishes, altho funnily enough I'm allergic to the Fairy w/powder for clothes. Treats are Cadbury Flakes, Jacobs mini-cheddars and YellowTail Shiraz! Obs the cats have their favourites too - Felix!

  10. Marmite lover here.
    We use the lemon thicker one from Lidl - 69p and it lasts ages.


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