Wednesday 13 March 2019

A Finish.

The eye test went as well as I expected, a jump in my precription both in long and near sight lens. I have both prescriptions in the one lens, it saves having to swap specs around and is much better for me.

So that was 60 minutes and many £,ss that I said goodbye to. 
On a more positive note the optometrist thinks that by my next examination the cataract in my right eye will be mature enough to be removed. Blissful thought as even with the new specs that eye cannot be brought up as well as the left. It is because of the detached retina that I had many years ago. Apparently any surgery on the eye means that there is a higher chance of cataract forming and it will grow relatively fast.

Enough. Let us see something really positive.

Tah Dah.

Paris in Berlin.

I have remembered that I bought the yarn at Wonder Wool,almost 2 years ago, when I wound it into a cake there was a knot in the yarn so I made 2 cakes and promptly lost the label.
It needs a soak and a block, the yarn is a touch scratchy on my neck. I am a delicate flower you know. I have 15 grams left over, and as I weighed the cake before starting the garter border I know that it took 16 grams to finish it.
I have the yarn picked out ready for the next incarnation and will be casting it on later today. Fingers crossed.

It fits really well under a coat and is very warm and snuggly, there is enough bulk to be warm but not enough to feel "lumpy" with the coat done up. 

Since starting this I have seen a few other cowls with a similar look but I will not be buying the patterns. What I will do is have a browse through my stitch library books and see if there is anything that jumps out at me. It should  be a simple matter to keep the increase spacing with a different stitch pattern.

Watch This Space.

If you hear the sound of wailing and rending of fabric, pulling of hair etc, you will know that was not as simple as I anticipated.

Walking at home is progressing well, I wake up with a glow of anticipation as to which plan I will be doing today.
Yesterday was the walk with a boost, today was week 1 of a fitness plan. That included some work with weights and some stretching on my yoga mat.
Mmm, need to get the cowl soaked and blocked soon, I use my yoga mat for blocking rather than having to find space to store designated blocking mats.

Dinner last night was home cooked ham, (poached) eggs and chips. lovely crisp oven baked chips that I tossed in just a tsp of olive oil. A green salad on the side and we were well fed.

I did enjoy it but there will be no chips for a couple of weeks, too much of a good thing....and all that jazz.

Tonight it will be a pasta bake with a crunchy top of cubed wholemeal  bread, seeds and cheese. I have the heel of a loaf to use up, I saved it for this dish, and I will use wholemeal penne pasta.

The weather forecast says that it should brighten up as the day goes on followed by goodness how many days of rain. Wonderful, I have plenty to keep me occupied and happy, though the housework does not really figure in that list.

I will do my chores first.
I will do my chores first.
I will try to do my chores first. 

Right, I WILL make a start before the sentence changes beyong recognition. Just like Chinese Whispers I can see the last version along the lines of "I will leave the chores for another day."

                     TTFN                                          Pam


  1. I could do with that cowl here today, it is cold and windy, not a good combination. I have just started another pair of socks and so must not even take a look at cowl patterns or the socks will never get finished. lol

  2. That looks so nice under your coat and it will keep the awful draught Gareth is creating away hopefully.

  3. Really loving your cowl, I have some nice hand-dyed yarn with me and I do find that a single skein shawl/scarf is not substantial enough, so you may find this on my needles before too long!! I really like the Castilleja Cowl, but I think the pattern is expensive (especially for single use) and the neckline is a bit open; I do like to be snug round my multiple chins!

  4. That's a nice cowl, perfect under a spring coat when you just need a bit of extra warmth around the neck, although today its more winter than spring... its so cold and windy here today

  5. Love the snood. I love anything like that.

  6. It looks very pretty under your coat, the perfect colour match. I have a lot of chores to do today but could easily talk myself out of it, preferring to make a start on a coat for my Grandaughter.


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