Monday 25 March 2019

I have to get a phone.

I gave my last phone the heave ho when it started playing up, the SO gave me his old one but it was far too complicated and at the time I did not really need one.

While I was playing with the laptop I found that I had an IG account from when it first started. 
Hmm I thought.

Animal, Ape, Black, Clever, Face, Hands

I may be as clued up as he is.

So after a little look on the net I downloaded it to the laptop. RATS,
you can only add posts via a mobile.
I rather like the IG stories, they are short and sweet, do not take ages to type and I do follow a few peeps.

The upshot is that I will have a phone again, the wonderful Francesca has one that she will bring next week, as she is a bit of a geek when it comes to gadgets she will help me to get it set up.
I may be a bit nervous as it probably cost a bomb (in my view, but she gets a new one every year from work and this will be last years).

If I suddenly go awol over Easter you will know that I am lying down in a darkened room with a damp flannel on my forehead.

The SO says that I will be able to take and put videos on here. HA. he may well be able, me I am not so sure. I will try though, I like the little clips that Ilona, Life after Money blog, puts on her blog at times.

I have rabbited on about very little so far. 

That is because I have been busy. I had another look through the yarn today, yes already. Let me brag and say that a big box was filled to the brim with yarn, patterns and magazines ready to go off to my sister.
By 7:00am this morning.

I am just waiting to see if she wants my collection of straight needles, then the box will be sealed, labelled and sent off.

My aims are.
A, by the end of this week all my yarn will be in my under sofa storage. 
B, the fabric stash will be tidied properly.
C, my fabric that I want to make into a dress and a skirt wil be washed and pressed ready to cut out.
D, one bit of fabric storage will be emptied and removed from the sewing room.
That is a tall order I know, but it has to be done. I am feeling more and more overwhelmed by all the "stuff" that I have. The fabric is all good quality and is all earmarked for projects.
BUT, having it looking at me when ever I am in the room makes me anxious to use it up. That would be fine if all that I did was sew, I knit and crochet and like to be in the garden. 
I have the dogs to walk and would not give that up for an extra day in the week, never mind all the tea in China.
I can not be doing with pressure from any source, I had enough of that when I was in paid employment.
btw, I try not to say "when I was working" as I have not stopped. It is just that I am self employed now as a home maker. The pay is nill but the pleasure factor is off the scale, I do include all my crafting as home making because I can.

My head is still bursting at the seams with ideas and by clearing away all the distractions I hope to make space, both physical and mental, to actually try some of these ideas out.

A few are very practical and some are just candy floss. For instance I was watching an old movie a few days ago, while crocheting some grannies, and saw a bedroom that had a lot of white lace. The bed head was framed with it and there was more used around the room. My sewing room has a bright red blackout blind but the drapes are white lace and I love it. 
It is not practical but there WILL be lace round my bed, and there may well be lace at the windows with a blind, just not red.

Now that I have waffled on so long I have to go, Herbie is ready for another walk. Ben has had his one walk for the morning and has grabbed his favourite spot on the sofa and is snoring gently.

The second load of washing is whirling round and the first needs pegging out.

Till tomorrow, all being well.

                             TTFN                                 Pam

PS we did not have a roast yesterday, we just were not hungry enough so it is roast tonight.


  1. This post has made my day. You make me laugh. Most of the time I feel like that fellow in the picture looks, and could use a damp flannel on my forehead. You are so funny! and I totally agree about being self employed as a homemaker. Me too! and the pay is terrible, and I've never worked as hard as since I've retired, but wouldn't trade it for the world! Your posts are wonderful.

    1. Thank you Henny, I love my job, the hours are long but you can have as many breaks as you can fit in.

  2. Must be Spring, Pam, as I am on a similar mission.Good luck to us both as we rehome parts of our stash.

    1. i am working on it, books are going off to Tesco tomorrow as they have a charity fund raising book sale.

  3. It's hard this time of year, the garden is calling, so much to do, hard to fit it all in.

    1. I had a run around session in the garden this afternoon, I set the the timer for 30 minutes and achieved masses of little jobs. Herbie thought it was great fun.

  4. It would be no good me having a phone as I am dreadful with them.
    A stash sort out would be good here too but where on earth to start I just do not know. I shall have to give it some thought.

    1. "Start at the very beginning, it's a very good place to start"
      I had to do it, I was feeling pressurized and getting angry at myself. I am not parting with fabric just yet, that would be a step too far right after the yarn.

  5. Oh I'm so with you Pam, I absolutely hate setting up new technology, it really makes me tear my (already thinning) hair out. We're simplifying the garden a lot to make things easier for us as we get older (and much less fit), we really need to do this with the house stuff as well.

    1. Francesca is here for Easter week, she will guide me in the right direction.

  6. The pleasure of being able to do what you want when you want without the stress far outweighs the need to have extra funds and do stuff ... what stuff could be better than sitting in the garden enjoying the fruits of your labour.

    1. I am really happy with my life, it is not luck just hard work and saving for this time.

  7. Good for you on rehoming some of your yarn stash. I went searching and found one ball of yarn I can add to my leftover shocking pink yarn to make another prayer shawl. Then I found two balls of chunky type yarn that can be used for the same purpose. Slowly but surely, inch by inch I am reclaiming my sewing/craft room.

    Shhh, when our youngest son comes home we get him to set up our phones and any new computer stuff. Harvey can get it if he fools around long enough, but I don't have the patience for that kind of thing.

    God bless.

    1. Sewing machines, fancy cooking gadgets, no probs. Techy stuff and I am up the creek with no paddle or canoe.

  8. I am on a mission myself and have at long last started using fabric that I have had for an age. Like you I need my daughter to set up all our electronics/technology. I love been a homemaker, but the pay is rubbish lol!

    1. My fabric will all be used, there is no doubt but the yarn was weighing me down and my tastes have changed. There was no way that I would have happily used what I moved out.


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