Saturday 30 March 2019

The beast bit me.

The beast being Sciatica, the first bad attack for a while. it meant that yesterday passed in a blur and I am still a bit foggy this morning. I had to resort to painkillers, as well as a hot water bottle and a heat pad, and they always leave me feeling off balance.
I have only set myself one task for today, apart from a load of washing that is pegged out, and that is my living room window. The nets are on the line, the curtains have been out for an airing after a good shake and after my cuppa the window will get a clean. Paintwork, recess, sill and of course the glass, although that bit will be after lunch when the sun moves round.
I use an old toothbrush to go in all the nooks and crannies, it does a grand job, and makes all the difference.

I have a sewing project all ready to go, the bits are cut out and the wadding has been attached to the outer fabric. It will be a project bag for a gift so I want to get it done tomorrow.

We had an Iffits and leftovers dinner last night, flat mushrooms stuffed with the left over Cajun Rice, mixed with some grated strong cheddar, and then baked in my mini oven for about 20 minutes. They were delicious served with a green salad and very filling. It will be a similar tale tonight, this time jacket potatoes filled with the left over Sloppy Joe mix and steamed cabbage. I feel that salad would be more appropriate but I have none and am not driving whilst feeling foggy so cabbage it is, not a hardship as we both like cabbage, I will cook it in a little butter with some onion and stir a handful of curly parsley through at the end.
There will be no pudding as we will not want or need it after all that.

I have had a little look online and have found a class, for November, on turning raw fleece into spun yarn. I have not booked yet as I may go to Wonder Wool just to see the people offering the course. it is a long way off and November can be a treacherous month for weather. I have cleaned raw fleece in the past and right now am not too concerned about learning to card it. I am impatient to get to the spinning.

Always in a hurry, in fact since retiring from paid employment I seem to be more in a hurry than ever. Now that my time is essentially my own I do not want to waste a second of it.

The SO is as bad, once he starts a job he is totally focused upon getting it finished, with the caveat that it has to be done properly, no slip shod bodge it and scarper about him.

The dogs are lying sprawled across the kitchen door mat enjoying the sunshine, I will have to winkle them off it in an hour or they will be roasting in their skins. I have my window to do and I may just find the wherewithal to make a new runner for the sill, fog permitting, I have a couple but would like a change of colour and pattern, it does not use much fabric and I do have lots to choose from.

Our wonderful group of toddlers MP,s are making a hash of running the country, I caught some of it yesterday and it seems that not one of them is interested in serving the country, just in braying their own opinion as loud as possible. Like many of us I have ceased to care whether we leave or stay, I am just sick to the back teeth with it all. I am an act now and think later person and  believe that in Theresa May,s position I would stand up and tell them to "pee or get off the potty" and resign instantly.
I feel that the mistake was made 2 years ago with the referendum, it should have stipulated that there had to be a majority of  ? % or nothing would change. 'nuff said on that subject, just my thoughts and grumblings on the matter. I am far more concerned about how many more frosts we may have, and how soon I can get my veg plants in the ground and the seeds for the more tender plants in.

                        TTFN                                    Pam


  1. I'm with you on the house of commons, all self seaking and think that Europe will role over to our demands, if we have to take part in the Europe elections, I for the 1st time ever will not vote. Having another lazy day here.

  2. I despise anything political and I don't even pay attention to it. Though Canada isn't a hotbed of politics at all. I'm sorry about your sciatica...I was diagnosed with that and thought I had it for years. Then when I stopped the birth control pill, suddenly my symptoms disappeared. Scary stuff but I'm grateful I don't actually have it. I remember that shooting, burning pain, I hope you're doing okay today Pam. Don't work too hard!!!

  3. Wish I could put together a quick tasty meal the way you do. I stand and stare into the refrigerator and then all the kitchen cabinets for 30 minutes and still draw a blank. All the windows here need washing, but now that the pollen is blowing, I may wait a while.

  4. So sorry that you had to suffer through the pain of sciatica. That is no fun at all.

    God bless.

  5. I think it is becoming a very common thread, we are all sick to death of listening to the children argue about Brexit.

  6. Have you tried bum stretching exercises for the sciatica? We do them in my Pilates class. You stand on one leg, cross the other leg over it at the knee and pretend to sit down....holding onto to something! It stretches the bum muscle which is usually what is trapping the sciatic nerve.

    As for Brexit....scream!!!! I'm also using gardening as stress relief.


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