Saturday 23 March 2019

Jealous or Practical.

That is a deep question. I watch several knitting, crochet and sewing podcasts. When I find a new one I like to share.
Lately, something to do with my desire to work through the stash perhaps, I have become more aware of the background of some of these.
Walls of yarn, mostly high end and high priced. More than one person could knit in a lifetime, and still more purchases, weekly in many cases.
Shelves groaning under the weight of fabric, all very pretty, that does not change from week to week or month to month. Yet more continues to arrive.

The majority of us keep a stash of some sort. I had a buying spree in my last year of paid employment and enjoyed a few years of sewing, knitting and general crafting without spending anything.

I still like my stash, I like it much more since I have whittled it down. I look forward to seeing it diminish even further this year, and probably next year as well.
Yes I am still buying a little, some would call it a great deal, but all of my purchases this year have been for gifts.
I pulled some of my oldest stash yarns out yesterday and they are going to someone who knits and crochets to keep her hands moving. I am happy that it will be used and not be tucked away for "one day" that may never arrive in my home.

Am I jealous? I think not, I certainly hope not, I do not feel the urge to go out buying. having said that IF I am out, and IF I see some wonderful yarn I may treat myself to some. With my gift list in mind of course.

Am I being Practical? I think so, I certainly hope so. I want to clear at least half my stash storage this year. I have made good inroads and some storage has gone and more should follow within the next few weeks.
I am not judging anybody, each to their own. we have a lot of books, even though a bookcase full has gone to the CS, and we intend to keep them for the moment.
Then there are the DVD,s, many of them, most of which are readily available to watch on Terrestrial TV, Sky, Netflix, Prime and Now TV.
We are reluctant to part with them as it is simple to slide one into the player and have no adverts to contend with. Also some are not available in any other form right now.

Francesca has the same dilemma and partially solved hers by purchasing a couple of cases that hold the discs but not the cases.
I have done that in the past but the issue is disposing of the black plastic. I will ponder upon it.

"In the interest of full disclosure" as the politicians are inclined to say, I will probably be buying a new cook book in the very near future.
Pinch of Nom have a book out and I do use their website for recipes. The only issue that I have are the adverts, reams of them, that you have to plough through. I know that it keeps everything free but I do not have to like it.

I will be in Tesco, in Pontardawe, at some point over the weekend and if it is on the shelf I will pick a copy up. As the branch is fairly small I may have to wait till I go near to a larger store.
Ammanford has a bigger branch but the traffic is a nightmare due to long running road works so I avoid it like the plague.

The sun is glimmering this morning, it would be shining but for the hazy sky. Washing has been pegged out and I am part way through the job list. 

Peeps, I tidied my pattern folders this morning!
It was a scary task but I did it and lived to tell the tale.
The upshot is that I need to buy a couple more ring binders. I have some doubles and some that I will never knit again, these will be going to the CS, the rest will not fit into my binders. mainly because I have put my small but bulky collection of knitting magazines into the binder sleeves. I was fed up with them slithering all over the shop every time that I touched the shelf. 

Now I better get off my btm, before the warm glow of satisfaction at a job done wears off, and get the rest of my chores done and dusted.

I am still doing the Leslie Sansone walk at home workouts, still a different one most days. Sometimes I do a long one and sometimes I do 2 short ones split up through the day. It just depends on how i feel and what I need to get done.

I am sleeping better and awake feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Last nights Thai curry was lovely and tonight we are having whatever my hand alights upon when I go to the freezer in the next few minutes.

                        TTFN                                              Pam



  1. My wool stash is growing, I have another order on it's way to me, BUT, it's great to be able to look at your stash and pull out things you can use, I have a choice of 3 fabrics to make a bag. I have been really good at not buying clothes I don't need, maybe I shaould think about my stash.

  2. I feel the same as you when I see shelves and shelves of yarn on podcasts. I have quite a healthy stash myself but I've mostly amassed this through gifts or when I've visited yarn shows. I do buy yarn at other times too but not very often, certainly not weekly or even monthly. I don't keep many books, I just don't have the room and I shall be sorting through my dvd's and cd's soon too, I'm all for streamlining my collections at the moment.

  3. no stash buying here unless I am going to knit it within the next couple of months or sew it. I'm trying to use up lot of what I have too.

  4. How funny Pam, I only said to my husband a couple of days ago about the podcasts and 'stash' (and continued purchasing) sometimes as a result of viewer donations in one form or other. I too initially thought I was just jealous with neither the space or ready cash to follow suit, but then realised that my overwhelming character trait is practicality. I have seen my mother stash cross stitch kits and supplies for her 'retirement' but seriously it would have lasted a whole adult lifetime. My dilemma is the trade-off between quality yarn (eg natural fibres) and the practicality of acrylic yarn (especially for blankets to non yarny recipients). I see this year many people are actually trying to work through stash, myself included.

  5. Pam, as fast as I give stuff away I get twice as much given to me. My friend tells me that nature abhors a vacuum. I have tons of yarn and go through patches of knitting 'twiddle muffs' for the local hospital craft stall. I am starting to get the yen to make a couple more quilts to use up some of my stash.

  6. I understand what you are saying.

    My stash is haphazard at best. I've treated myself this year because I had the money. When we were in Europe this year, I managed to visit two shops and was able to buy wool and linen that is simply too expensive here.

    My stash is mostly acrylic for babies. It will be used. When I was sick with the flue I did a granny square blanket for my granddog (she likes to build nests and snuggle). The cat she lives with stole it!

  7. My stash is mostly gifts or donations and I love to be able to make plans for its uses (both fabric and yarn). I haven't actually bought anything since our move.

  8. Ammanford roundabout is open now, traffic runs smoothly through there now. I hope you are well! Mandy xx


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