Thursday 14 March 2019

Still down the rabbit hole.

The cowl shaped rabbit hole,and very cosy it is down here.
I cast on number 2 yesterday and have 5 rows to do before joining to knit in the round.

I know this is a bit blurry, I had a mad Herbie dancing round me as he wanted desperately to see what I was doing.
I will take another later after the pattern has begun.

This yarn is from Little French Meadow, the colour is Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.
I will be following the original stitch pattern after all as the yarn is such a random mix. Most other stitch patterns would be lost in the colours. 
Once again this is not a true representation of the colours, it is far less blue and has quite a lot of pink, orange and cream in it. perhaps it will show up better when it is a bit bigger and on a different background.
The yarn is so soft that it makes me want to hang onto it for myself. It will go into the gift box as it already has a recipient, Francesca, it will look lovely under her grey winter coat.

We had a good dry day yesterday and lots of washing went out to dry. At some point during the night we had heavy rain, within the last 30 minutes the sky has started to clear. There is still some fine rain and the forecast is for lots more of it BUT it does look promising. As I typed that last sentence the brightness has diminished and a grey wash is slowly covering the sky.

Last night,s dinner was really good, the pasta sauce was the last of a batch made in January, the flavour had developed well and the crunchy topping was a great contrast to the soft pasta hidden beneath it.

Tonight we are having beef casserole, also from a batch cooking session in January, in a Yorkshire Pudding. No other carbs needed, just some lightly steamed cabbage. We like cabbage. There are still some brussels sprouts in the freezer so I may get some of those out as well.

The weather should be grim till Sunday and then much better from Monday, I think that means knitting time will be abundant. There should be some sewing time in there as well, fingers crossed I have a stack of lavender bags cut out.

There is a small shopping list, but nothing that I am desperate for, and the house jobs are all up to date.

The only thing that I am behind on is getting the kettle on for a brew. The dogs have been walked and fed, dinner is thawing out, well the Y.pud mix is in the jug freshly made this morning. I find that it rises so much better after a rest in the fridge, I just give it a quick whisk up before it goes into the oven.

                         TTFN                                     Pam


  1. Another beautiful cowl Pam.
    I like meals that have been squirreled away in the freezer and have developed a lovely flavour. We had some savoury mince from the freezer yesterday and it was so tasty.

  2. That yarn really is pretty.. would it be suitable for socks?

  3. The cowl is looking gorgeous. It is always a delight to get a meal out of the freezer that has been already prepared, giving extra time for crafting.

  4. Just lovely, the cowl is going to look very good with Francesca's grey coat.

    God bless.

  5. Pretty cowl.
    Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend


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