Saturday 9 March 2019

More Happy Mail.

Confession time.
I bought Yarn,
and Ribbon.

It was necessary though.

Ribbon rainbow, I have slowly worked my way through 90% of my ribbon collection. I bought a massive bundle from an Ebay seller around 5 years ago, it was just after I moved to Wales. Since then I have only bought 1 pack of some cream satin ribbon for a special project. 

They are not small reels, the whole lot were under £10 with postage.

This, and the rest of the 20 lavender bags that have flowed through my machine, is the main reason why I need the ribbon. I have used all of the white and light narrow reels and had to start on some that is a bit too wide.
Francesca and her friend L would each like a few(!) for themselves so I need to make at least another 20. I will need more for myself as well. I am putting one in each of my project bags and the boxes that my stash is stored in and needless to say the 20 made does not begin to cover it.

Then this lot arrived, all with a firm purpose.

Two more balls of the Sirdar Alpine, I cast on a cowl for Francesca and decided to knit it in the round. By the time I was joining in the second ball I knew that I wanted it to be really deep so ordered 2 more.

This is not a very good picture, it is Drops Alpaca Silk and is for Francesca. I am trying out a new shawl/cowl pattern (more later when I have done a bit more) from Joji Locatelli. This will be for me and then I want to knit it for Francesca holding the fluff with a smooth fingering weight yarn.

While I was on the Wool Warehouse site I noticed that there was a sale on for Drops sock yarns. 
I have a quite large box of left over multi coloured sock weight yarns, some have become magic balls, but any 15 grams and over are still waiting for a purpose. I knit lots of patterned socks and put plain toes, heels and cuffs in.
Now I will be knitting plain socks with patterned toes, heels and cuffs in. I can see this becoming a merry go round well into the future.

I am still doing the Walk Indoors and have moved from a 15 minute to a 20 minute routine, 3 more days of that and I will move up to the next level. 
I am enjoying it, and even though the morning was dry and sunny still carried on before going for a real walk. 

It was lovely to stride out in sunshine again, even Herbie seemed to step out more briskly with his nose in the air. I wondered if he could smell more on the warmer breeze.

We have since been out for a shorter walk as Ben told me he really really needed a little walk, Now, Right Now.

My breakfasts this week have been pancakes, the lentil pancakes, some sweet with banana cooked into them and some savoury with a poached egg. They are delicious and the batter stands well in the fridge. I will be making another batch tomorrow ready for Monday onward.

Dinner tonight is undecided but tomorrow will be a slow cooker gammon joint (cooked in fizzy orange with some fresh ginger root) with jacket potato and either salad or cauliflower cheese, depending on how I feel.

The rest of the joint will make 2 other meals during the week, again as yet undecided.

Later I have to go shopping, a very small list but it has to be done. 
I have been in the garden for a while, my sweet pea seeds are in pots in the greenhouse and the Squash seeds are set, some in the greenhouse and some in the kitchen.  Spring onions and some more salad leaves will be next, then the floodgates will open at the end of the month and I will have compost and trays everywhere. happy thoughts.

The SO has just come in and coffee is needed so I am off to get the kettle on.

Enjoy the weekend and I wish you all some sunshine before the next band of rain falls upon us.

                          TTFN                                     Pam


  1. love the colours you have chosen for the drops fabel.

    1. They will all match or contrast with my leftovers stash. Then of course it will be time to find more patterned yarn to match with the plain leftovers.

  2. I made pancakes this year with gram flour for the first time - half and half with g/f four, and they were very nice! I think I will make them more often now as well.

    1. I like gram flour and am thinking of grinding some to get a very coarse texture for further pancakes, or perhaps using in the place of oatmeal.

  3. You can never really have enough ribbon. My son once stole a reel of orange satin ribbon in John Lewis. He was four and loved all things shiny and orange. We did of course return the ribbon and apologised.

    1. I find ribbon, like buttons, inspires me to be a bit more daring in my colour combinations.

  4. Seed sowing happening here today, DH has been settled in the greenhouse with his radio on whilst the raindrops battered the windows. I had the lucky job of doing the housework and have earned some knitting time I think for being good.

    1. I plan on more time in the greenhouse today, the sun is shining but there is a chilly nip in the air.

  5. I know they say that blue and green should never be seen,,,unless there's a colour in between but your blue and green yarn look beautiful together.
    Gammon cooked in fizzy orange with ginger sounds yummy.

    1. They are rather striking but will not be knitted together, at least not this time round. They are all destined to be plain socks with patterned toes, heels and cuffs.

  6. Looking forward to seeing more of your lavender bags.

    1. I hope to get some more fabric and fleece cut out later today but the garden wins at the moment.

  7. Ohhh, squishy fun coming your way!! Love the colours.

    Those lavender bags are sweet.

    God bless.


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