Monday 18 March 2019

Still Wet in Wales.

It has been a few wet days, yesterday being the exception until
around 2:30 when it hammered down.

We have had a flurry of activity here, people, dogs, general house
things and normal living.

We did have a bit of a film day on Saturday and watched the 2 Deadpool films back to back. Mad, ridiculous and funny, a good way to ignore the weather.

Lots of knitting was done, the photo,s were very blurry so I will take some more later.

The Bertie Botts Cowl is finished and is blocking, I did 8 less rows on the patterned section as Francesca is shorter in the torso and neck than me.

Remember the sticky yarn that I knitted socks with, well in the interests of knitting up the stash I cast on another sock. a single sock top down with a short row garter stitch heel. It is working up really well considering the trouble I had on the first pair. One at a time has helped, there is nothing for it to stick to, but it is slower going than my normal pace.
The first one is around halfway along the foot, if I watch a couple of catch up episodes of Silent Witness tonight I may well get it finished. Or at least to the toe decreases.

I still have the chunky Cowl on the needles and will (hopefully) finish that before casting on the second sock. I still have 3 long standing WIPs to sort out, it will happen at some point I just need to be in the zone.

No sewing, that is possibly because my sewing room overlooks the mountain and it has been wreathed in rain and mist so is very uninspiring. I may have to bring the small machine into the kitchen and get it set up. The table is big enough but I do try to keep the sewing confined to one place, the knitting and crochet tends to migrate far too readily to all the house. 
I had to move 2 project bags from the dresser this morning and 1 from the bedroom yesterday. These are future knitting with pattern, yarn and needles all assembled .
I discovered that I need would like at least 2 more fixed circulars in 2.25 mm, 80 and 100 cm.  I will add them to my wish list for a month or 2 and see how I have managed till then. I did have 3 in my stash but gave 1 away and promptly sat on one and broke it, they were all Knit Pro Symfonie. I use these on splitty or very slippery yarn rather than metal ones as they do provide much more grip.

Some of my time has been occupied with finding new podcasts to watch. I stumbled upon Geordieknits and am watching from the beginning. At the same time I am looking through her subscription list, the Lonely knitter, who says that she lives on the most Easterly bit of the UK, I think that must be Cromer or very close. Suffolk Socks, who has an online yarn shop and is a marvellous dyer. The Hairy Sheep a Mum and young daughter duo from North Lincolnshire, who have 2 podcast episodes up and SCR1TNO hosted by Sharon Richards. no idea where she lives as I have only just had a little peak of her first episode. I am slowly watching through all the episodes, except for Suffolk Socks who I used to follow and have no idea why I stopped. It may well have been when I got the new laptop, my data transfer was not ideal. There may have been some snarling and growling going on.

There are many more on her list but I am only watching the UK podcasts. I have nothing against the rest, many of them are on my list also, it is just nice to watch somebody whose yarn choices are readily available without having to pay customs charges, VAT and the Robbing Post Office who charge you to pick up your parcel.

There was nearly a rant there. That charge is guaranteed to make my hackles rise and transform me into an approximation of a Rabid Dog.
I do not mind the Customs charges too much, they do an amazing job of keeping lots of really bad stuff out of the country. I do not even mind VAT too much, it is something that we have to live with so I suck it up. At least I used to until the monetary value boundary before you had to pay it was dropped to next to nothing. Since then I have not bought in anything from overseas.

Calm down, Breathe slowly, think about chocolate cake and other good things. 

There, that's better. I am calm again.  

And there is the sun, casting it,s golden rays over the house and garden. Woo Hoo.

Perhaps it will stay for a while, the forecast was very woolly this morning, full of if's and maybe's. Why they can not just say that it will be a mixture of everything and impossible to predict correctly.

On that note, with an empty coffee cup beside me, I think that it is time to kick start the rest of the day. Herbie wants his second walk, the long one. The bed needs remaking and there is a little washing up to do.
Dinner will be a bean and veg chilli with home made garlic bread and there may be a cheeky rhubarb pudding to follow. 

I hope that you all had a good weekend, mine was great, uneventful but great.
A quick note for Cherie K the yarn would be fine for socks, in fact that is what they sell it for. It is really soft so I would use a sturdier yarn for heels and toes. I have 30 grams left if you would like to to try. put a comment in with you address (I will not publish of course) and I will send it off.
I will be replying to comments later and reading through my blog list but I am going to be goody two shoes today and get the chores done first.

                               TTFN                                  Pam


  1. Day with Will here, resting and playing together

  2. No rain on Thursday please. Coming to Ystagynlais to meet p with old (50 years ago) school friend. Very happy to be coming home for a

  3. I had to giggle my sewing room is in the back of the house where during the winter the lighting is not conducive to sewing (I do have lights I could use though) so now I bring out a small table and the machine that our oldest son gave me and sew in the living room where the natural light is so much better. I think at times that perhaps I have spread out too much.

    God bless.

  4. Only in the past year has Customs starters charging my son for GIFTS that I send to the grandchildren.. gifts are supposed to be duty free. It ticks me off... I will be using that money for airfare instead..

  5. The nasty meds for me so ive been snoozing the day away.

  6. I was in a yarn shop yesterday and was really tempted to give knitting another go.....I resisted.


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