Friday 22 March 2019

Near enough is enough.

I have got everything that I think that I need back on the 'puter. There is still a list of things that were removed (how kind of them to to tell me) but if I don't need them they can stay gone.

I did lose all my bookmarks, but again I have not looked at them for ages so did not need them.

Not much is happening here, some cleaning, washing, cooking all the usual day to day stuff.
I have put some more work into the "sticky socks#2", the little pile of 7 round Granny squares is growing, albeit in fits and starts. I have cast on a jumper using some stash Aran weight yarn. It is a merino and cotton blend so should be wearable for most of the year. Heat waves permitting.

I was watching the lovely Ange on her podcast, YarnNyarn, and she has committed herself to working regularly on her crochet blanket. That gave me a guilt trip and I have decided to emulate and work on my squares most days, if not every day. The basket that holds all the yarn and squares is rather huge so I have found a project bag and put crochet hook and a ball of yarn, Stylecraft special DK, into it. That gives me a small portable project, if I get fed up with using the same colour I can just swap it out for another. 

I have printed off a cardigan pattern, Peggy Sue free on Ravelry, this will be for Francesca and possibly one for me. It is short sleeved and ideal for slipping on over a dress when summer takes a day off and the goosebumps appear.
The other is a paid for pattern, Blakelaw sock pattern by Geordieknits Designs. I recently found the Geordieknits podcast and thought the socks looked good so bought the pattern. 

It is a simple lace pattern so will be ideal TV knitting when a vanilla sock is just not cutting it for me. I usually fall back on Blueberry Waffle or Hermione,s everyday socks and now they are as simple as vanilla.

Dinner tonight is a Thai green curry, lots of ginger and garlic, and I have some wild garlic leaves to stir through rather than coriander. It is as good to ring the changes with my cooking as my knitting.

I feel the need to sew coming on so tomorrow I hope to get some fabric washed for a dress and probably another Hollyburn skirt. I love that pattern and hardly make any other skirt up now.

The dogs have been walked and fed, Ben had a bath this morning and is as shiny as a new penny. Herbie will have one on Sunday when the SO is here, he is as mad as a box of frogs (Herbie, not the SO) once the rinsing starts and I need the help. I wonder if the shower tickles as he doesn't mind the lathering and even lifts his feet to be washed.

On that thought I will be off to get another hours knitting/crochet in. The SO is home and gone for a shower and the coffee is on.

                          TTFN                                  Pam

                      (Somewhat cooler than yesterday)


  1. Hi Pam :) Great idea to commit to your squares. I'm trying to commit to daily painting and drawing again now that my winter slump seems to be coming to an end. Oh the bathing...Alex bathed 2 of our 3 cats yesterday and has the scratches to prove it. I don't know how he does it, the cats HATE the water. He has one more to do today, I told him to wear some kind of body armour lol...the dogs are so easy compared to the cats!!

    1. I only ever bathed one cat, it had managed to get Goose poo all over it. Very Stinky!! The vet told me to put it in a pillowcase, goodness knows how I would have washed it while wrapped up. I escaped mostly unscathed but ruined a pair of thick gauntlets.

  2. It sounds as though you are as busy as ever Pam.
    I'm back to a nice, uncomplicated pattern on my latest baby blanket. Yesterday, I delivered 6, and a pile of hats and bootees, to the shop which raises money for my local neo-natal unit, so I'm starting again with a nice easy one that is perfect for TV knitting.

    1. If I do not have something in my hands I can not sit still. I can feel my Granny leaning over my shoulder and telling me that the Devil makes work for idle hands.

  3. I think Bookmarks are a waste of time really as I never look at them again. I find Dropbox much more useful.
    What is the merino/cotton blend you are using? I am looking for something with a nice drape and not too heavy to make a short sleeved top for the summer - I would like a yarn which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg too!
    I will try and post this using my name but I haven’t been able to post to your comments for weeks now. I log in to Google and the comment just vanishes. If this happens I will just have to post as Anonymous as I think that will work. Must remember to copy and save the first try though. Jenny Larking
    Update - same as before. I logged in and the comment disappeared so Anon it is

    1. I can not remember the source of my yarn, I picked it up a couple of years ago with no ball bands. There was just a label giving the weight and fibre blend. It was in 50gm balls and is very soft. I have looked in a few places but have only seen it in DK by Drops.

  4. Working a bit on all my projects here as well. I feel a bit guilty when I have so many started. Hopefully a few will be finished this week and next week. I always think you finish things up so quickly.

    God bless.

    1. My Mother used to tell me that I was born in a hurry and have been hurrying all my life. I do have some loooong time WIPs but got one of those out this morning. I am determined to finish it before casting on anything else. It will be hard work as once the current "sticky" socks are off the needles I have another pair that I want to cast on.

  5. I couldn't find the podcast YarnNyarn, what is the address for this please.

    1. I just checked on my list and it is YarnNYarns, my spelling needs attention.


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