Sunday 24 March 2019

Is it a Dog or is it a Parrot?

Perhaps it is just a daft dog who wants to be a parrot when he grows up.

Almost there.

Made it!

Ben is blanking all the foolishness out.

A brief moment in time, in our home this morning. BTW the SO has had a close hair cut. All my fault, I stupidly bought him a set of clippers and he snuck off to play with them. It will grow back and then I will take charge of said clippers.

The tights that are draped over the SO,s arm are Herbies favourite toy, once there is a snag or hole I bundle them up with lots of knots. He spends hours throwing them around and working at the knots, once they are untied he brings them to me for more knots.

The sun is shining like a summers day and the lawn is scheduled to have a trim as well, not quite as close as the SO though.

I have a couple of plants to get into the garden, they have been in pots a bit too long and will be much more comfortable when they can spread their roots around.

Dinner will be roast pork, cauliflower cheese and a tray of roasted mixed root veg, I will take the core out of some small Cox apples and add those to the tray. A lazy way of avoiding making applesauce, I know that it is easy but this way there is no peeling or chopping and no extra pot to wash up. 

Breakfast was a variation on the lentil pancake recipe, I used half and half red lentils and Quinoa, soaked over night then drained. I blitzed them and added a good pinch of salt, 1/2 tsp of baking powder and 2 tsp of powdered sweetener.

While that stood for a moment I took the core out of a conference pear and diced it up. I added 3 large spoonfulls of the batter mix to that and tipped it into a lightly oiled pan on medium heat. Spread out it just about covered the base and once it was set,and the base was golden, about 3 minutes, I flipped it over and cooked for another 3 minutes. It was crisp and lacy, full of sweet pear juice and totally lush. We will be having these for pudding with some Greek yogurt quite soon.

I have made them with various combinations of grains and pulses but think that this is the lightest and yummiest.

For a savoury version I will use 2 part Lentils, 1 part Quinoa and 1 part Buckwheat, this combination gives a firmer result that can be wrapped round a filling. I quite fancy filling them with diced veg, softened in a little butter and covered with a creamy tomato sauce and then baked.

I will try it out during the week and keep you posted.

The lawn mower is working and Herbie is dancing round my feet, he really wants to get out and investigate. I will whiz him out for a little walk before he has a freak out fit of excitement.

I hope that you all have a good day, I may have sneakily got a few rounds of knitting done, and made a granny square already this morning.

                   TTFN                                         Pam


  1. Good to sneak away to knit! Your dogs are so cute. Ours love to sit on top of the couch pillows, but so far haven't ventured onto our shoulders! SO must have comfy shoulders! :) OMG I kind of laughed when you mentioned the clippers...SAME THING HAPPENED HERE...we got some for Alex and next thing you know it...GONE. I've been doing his hair ever since lol!

  2. Cute!!! Our eldest son uses a clippers on his hair and then a razor. He takes it right down to the skin. I am just glad he has a nicely shaped head.

    God bless.

  3. What a joy to see the dog, he certainly does appear to want to be a parrot when he grows up.

  4. Having some dad love ... sweet!

  5. We call that If I Fits, I Sits in our household....with a 55 pound pointer.
    I love the taste of quinoa but it does not like me. Something about genes I guess.

  6. Your dogs are lovely! Those pancakes sound delicious, I am going to copy your recipe and try them out for myself.

  7. My youngest son (10) did some DIY barbering last month. He took a pair of kitchen shears out of the drawer and went into the bathroom to cut the hair on the side of his head as it was touching his ear. He cut a couple nice chunks off. I don’t know why he did that. My husband is the family barber/stylist. He gives the boys haircuts each month, my younger usually lets him know when he wants one as he is picky about his hair and wants it kept short. My older son (a teenager) wants his hair bushier on top. I prefer it shorter, but hubby said he is not going to argue with him about his hair. He will cut it for him as he wants, he understands it is a very personal thing. I do as well as I had gotten many bad haircuts at the salon, uneven, too short, torn up with the razor, etc. So I am very picky about my hair and my husband listens to me and does my hair the way I want, he trims the ends of my elbow length hair every other month. He would never get scissor happy on me. So there are no arguments or fighting about haircuts. Needless to say my son’s hack job required immediate attention. I wasn’t going to let him go to school looking like that. Hubby started his haircut and had me check how bad it was, as he said he was going to have to take it down real short to get it cut even. It wasn’t quite skinned on the sides, but he basically gave him a high and tight cut. A little shorter than I like, but he had to. Well my son checked out his haircut in the mirror and he liked it. We reminded him there is no problem with him getting his haircut, he just needs to ask. It is not like we have to make a special trip or that my husband gives wonky bowl cuts (my mom did that to me), my sweet child told his classmate that he had a crappy haircut and he should have my husband give him a good haircut. We told him not to say things like that to his friends or volunteer my husband. I told Hubby he could put another notch on his scissors case for fixing a bad haircut. He fixed my bad salon cut which had grown out for about a year, shortly after we started dating, one for my mom and another for my best friend. We keep the clippers in a bag up on the shelf in the closet where my youngest cannot reach. I can just imagine what he would have done to his hair if he got a hold of the clippers, he would have been bald.


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