Saturday 15 August 2020

a social distance Takeaway

The first time since well before lockdown. We went out for a takeaway dinner, nothing fancy just Fish and Chips at our nearest and long time favourite chippy, Charlos in Pontadawe.

We checked that they were open.
We checked that they had systems in place for safety.

There are 2 doors to the shop and in front of each is a table. You stand at one or the other and give your order. Someone comes and takes the money and you can either stand and wait or in our case wait in the car.

There was a 10 minute delay from ordering to service, so rather than block somebody from placing an order we had the option to return to the car and have it delivered.

Amazing service.
Amazing food.

One problem.
Too much food even with a small portion of chips between us.
Herbie has some fish, minus batter, in the fridge for tomorrow.

Maybe two problems.
We both enjoyed our food but did not enjoy the mouthfeel of grease afterwards.
I do not think that it will be repeated for a long time.

Too many months have passed and our eating habits have changed completely. Fried food is a rareity, eggs are poached sometimes scrambled. If I start anything off in oil it will be a tiny amount of good cold pressed olive oil or coconut oil. I do make stock and a well reduced stock that is a little bit syrupy makes a good substitute for any oil.

We have always eaten good food but over the past months have made much more healthy choices.

Our only weak spot is cheese but we eat better and less. I would rather have a small amount of a richly flavoured variety than a slab of a mundane low taste cheddar/cheshire/whatever.

Last night we had some sublime Gorganzola, perfectly ripened and just soft enough to ooze round the knife but firm enough to stay in place rather than run across the plate.

There were lots of people around the town, but a fraction of what was there last year. Most of them were not wearing any sort of face covering but there were no large groups milling about.

Herbie has had his walk and is snoozing on the floor near Michaels feet, I am feeling a snooze coming on so need to get up and move a bit. I feel it will be an early night.

Keep safe.

                     TTFN                                              Pam


  1. I’m with you on cheese, never cheap cheeses or any light types, hubby does not eat cheese (I know strange man), so cheese is a rare treat.

    1. I do try to keep a chesk on my fat intake so when I eat cheese it is part of my meal and I plan a couple of days eating around it. I could happily eat my way through a good cheeseboard.

  2. I miss good old Fish and Chips...Americans dont know how to make them..and... they serve it with sweetcorn...Whats that all about?? What no peas?? And they look at me mad if I mention mushy peas!!
    Glad you enjoyed them..
    Stay Safe x

    1. I found much the same in Australia, the fish was beautifully cooked but the chips were frozen. just not the same.


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