Wednesday 12 August 2020

What a difference a day makes

Well half a day.
After that whingy, whiney, poor little me post I had a good nights sleep, got up and showered and turned the page.

I have put the fleece and spindles away for a little rest.

I hauled out fabric, machine and the necessary tools.

I raided the box of 2 1/2" strips and started sewing.

Much pressing and cutting later and I have piles of 4" square blocks. These will be sewn together to make fabric, if you watch Sew Very Easy on youtube there is a quilt made like this as the backdrop. I am hoping to empty the box. All the trimmed off bits will go into another project, straight away they will not be put into a box.
The fabric that I make will become curtains for my top run of kitchen cupboards. I do not like doors, they are dull and boring. I like the French style of fabric behind wire mesh but have no inclination for it in my kitchen, so curtains it is. The base units have curtains made from a massive box of charm squares. But I wanted something a bit more interesting for eye level.

I did some dying yesterday.

A chunk of fleece dyed with Kiwi food safe dye. I will be carding this at some point, probably at the weekend.

There was still some dye left in the bath so I added a few drops of another green and popped in a bit of natural cream Jacobs, I did soak both in citric acid water first. I could see that there would be some of the sea greeny dye left so soaked some undyed skeined dk, added the remainder of a little bottle of teal and popped those in, I lowered them in slowly to get a somewhat variagated look.

This is not a true colour, they are very much Teal with a good mix of shades with some undyed and barely dyed here and there. This will be a hat for the gift box.

These are more small skeins for the rug, my colour palette is growing nicely, the Kiwi will be added next week. Fingers crossed.

Then fate put her hand in and gave everything a stir up.

The postie came and rang the bell.

A paecel from The Fibre Hut, Yippee.

4 Samples to play with.

4 x 100 gram packs of dyed fibre.

I will not be opening any of it this week. I will be firm. I can do this.


I have a list, get me!, of all the various projects that need finishing.
Another of all the oustanding jobs in the house.
And garden.

Once, and only once, these have been worked through will I open the parcels.

I am an adult (allegedly) and I can make lists and follow them. I always have a To Do list for short term and long term tasks. I have even been known to follow them. Just lately I have let my mind wander around unsupervised and it may have become a bit feral.

My butterfly mind is legendary in the family, but so is my resolve. My willpower may well be shaky in the cheese and chocolate (No Not together) departments but I like a job done and dusted in good time.

I am in no way blaming the current state of affairs regarding Covid and the constant government Uturns, Maggie where are you when we need you, and knee jerk reactions. If only people would just accept that we live in a state of flux. Then just get on with doing their best to not exacerbate the situation we will win through.
I only blame myself, and my Mother of course, for letting myself get so off piste that I was almost lost in the snowdrifts in my mind.

keep safe.

                           TTFN                                             Pam


  1. What wonderful colours.

    1. I love colour and am having a ball blending the fibre.

  2. You've been so productive! I'm afraid I have been what I can only describe as vapid in this hot weather.

    I love Sew Very Easy. I look forward to each new video that Laura posts.

    1. Vapid. That's a word I don't see used much. I love words and our language has a plethora to chose from.
      Laura has put out so many videos full of help and great patterns. I have some of my favourites book marked for easy reference.


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