Monday 24 August 2020

Where did tomorrow go?

That would be the tomorrow after my last post. Time hasn't so much slipped away as galloped off into the sunset.
I have not even been that busy, some sewing of course, some knitting on the bleh socks now surging towards the toe decreases. Some futile gardening inbetween the rain, mainly making sure that nothing was drowned or blown away. No chance to finish the tunnel, the cover is still stowed away in the sewing room.

I have had the dogs, apart from the weekend but managed to get the Bichons out for a walk Saturday and Sunday.
Herbie loves them and they had 2 good walks both in the park and some pavement walking.

The living room had a little change round and the sewing room is part way through one. I am doing my usual steady stock up of all the basics so come the bad weather I do not have to turn out. I do have a weekly delivery slot from Asda but they do not sell everything that I use. A few early morning trips, duly masked and gloved, to Pontardawe and I am just about set up with essentials for the next 6 months or so.

I heard a comment on the news a few days ago that medical opinion is that we should be free of C-19 within 2 years. I was busy at the time and by the time it had sunk in the TV was turned off, it was only on for the local weather report.

I hope that it meant 2 years from the start and not the present day.
I am quite happy bumbling along with garden and crafts, not to mention the dogs, but another 18 months or so will be stretching it a bit thin.

What effect it would have on those with no outside space I cannot imagine.

My friend, the Bichons owner, has a small front garden and a fairly decent back garden but the recent bad weather and her illness are dragging her down. She should start her treatment soon and once it is over I have promised to help her have a change round. 

I have started knitting some of my handspun wool and so far I am delighted with it. Just a simple hat for my sister, the winter wind in Norfolk is cold and lazy, it does not go round you just straight through, and a hat is essential. I have tried to use the colours that I see on the mountain in autumn and winter but not the snow, white is not a good colour for any gardener to wear.

I have some sewing lined up for today, I badly need some oven gloves/hot pads so using left over blocks I have 8 pieced together. The backing fabric and the wadding is all ready so a little quilting is on the cards for this afternoon. I have lost my bias binding and, although I can make it, I dedcided to make them selfbinding. 
4 of them will be going to my sister, with her hat, warm head and cool hands.

I think that it is time to get Herbie out, he is giving me The Look.

Keep safe.

                          TTFN                                     Pam


  1. My goodness I hadn't anticipated the virus been around for that long but like you I have manged to get into a routine around the cottage and have most things to hand without the need to go out much. I am hoping you misheard...

    1. No, it was said. I have had a few people speak to me about their concerns.

  2. The days do seem to disappear and time is something we never seem to have enough of.

    I am getting stocked up as well for our usually bitterly cold winter. I do hope for a bit of a change from that.

    I have heard the two years mentioned as well and like you wonder about those stuck in an apartment with no outside space. It must affect their mental health.

    God bless.

    1. even those in the village with gardens are feeling a touch of cabin fever. they have groomed their gardens within an inch of winning at chelsea, their houses could feature in Homes and Gardens and they have run out of things to do. My crafting means that I can still fill every waking moment and more. But sometimes I long for a trip out just to wander around and chat to whomever I meet.


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