Tuesday 11 August 2020

I need a Delia.

Anyone got a copy of Delia,s Christmas book? 
The one with all the recipes and a timetable to follow.. I could do with a timetable to get through the day. It's not that I have too much to do, or that I am pressed for time.
It's my flibbertigibbet mind, it floats from one thing to another often getting sidetracked along the way.
I do get all the essential house jobs done, I even manage to polish on a somewhat regular basis. It's all about prioritising and time management.

That was WORK SPEAK.

I am retired.
I want to be free to dabble as the mood takes me. A "rota system" may be perfect for some. 
Monday, knit for 1 hour. crochet the blanket for 30 minutes.....

Not for me, I do see the sense and in a strange wat it is very close to appealing.

However once free of the shackles of paid employment, where my time was ruled by production schedules and the clock, I can not face it. Rather I can not face sitting down and drafting it up.

That's where Delia comes in. If my Granny was here she would have me organised in a flash. 
If my Mum was here she would have me sneaking off up the garden to do whatever took my fancy.


That's where the blame lies. 
My Mum was just the same, the essentials were done, everybody had clean clothes and meals were sort of on time. But once that happened she would pootle out to the garden do a bit here and a bit there. Come back in, wash her hands and pick up some knitting or open a book. She might even decide to empty and polish the dresser and make some of us wash all the china. Then something would catch her eye and she would be off down the next rabbit hole.

My Granny and Granddad were very "routine driven". Breakfast at the same time with the radio on a certain program. Tea and a Norfolk Shortcake at 10 with the newspaper, Granddad used to read bits out. Dinner at 12.30 and then a sit down once the washing up was done. A cuppa mid afternoon and tea at 5.30. Around all that the washing and ironing was done, food prepared and the housework done. Also The Archers and Mrs Dales Diary were never missed.

You might get up to find a hatching of ducks or chicks drying off in the warming oven . 
If it was bitterly cold Patch, our dog, would be under Grannys chair. He much preferred being outside or with Granddad in the shed.
But those were the exceptions that proved the rule.

I do try to keep it under control but a new interest gets me hooked, the spinning has all but taken over. I dyed the last of my washed fleece today and will card it tomorrow. I also dyed some jacobs combed top (carded this afternoon) and a couple of 50 gm skeins of DK wool to mop up the dye. 

It has all been consigned to the sewing room, once the fleece is carded it will be some overdue weeding and some knitting on a gift. I still have to graft the underarms of the Penny sweater, that should have been done once it was cast off then blocked.

I have more fibre coming but will get the loom warped up and the weaving at least started before I dare to open it. 
I think that crunch time came as I had to hoover up fluff and fibre for the third time today.

So if anyone knows of a Delia, I would have said Mary Poppins but the singing would get on my wick, point her in my direction.

Keep safe

                              TTFN                              Pam


  1. I am afraid that after working for so many years I have become a person who writes lists and who says "30 minutes knitting". I still do not feel totally organized though.

    God bless.

    1. I do have lists but I allowed a new game to take over. It is all back on track now. Blowing of steam helped me to get over myself.

  2. I wish! I really wish! :-)

    1. I wish also but decided to do it myself.

  3. You describe so many of us, I am the same, get up and do what needs to be done (most days) and then the time is mine, no plans see what I fancy, except my garden, it's only small but I walk around it many times in the day. Before breakfast I open the greenhouse door.

  4. It is a good way to live your life but I had become too unstructured for my comfort. I do like to feel in control at least some of the time.


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