Monday 31 August 2020

Tui be alive or not

I saw the news this morning, a passenger on a flight from a Greek Island to Cardiff had complained about the fact that many passengers were not wearing masks and were not keeping to social distancing.
She also stated that the aircrew were doing nothing to rectify the situation . 
Needless to say some of these passengers have now tested positive for C-19.
Considering the style of Tui advertising I should be surprised. I am not.
The world seems to be populated by 2 types of people now, the Covidaware and the Covidiots.
I am drawing a line under this with the hope that the second type hurry up and die off before they infect the first type.
I had a good day in the garden yesterday, the tunnel is not only up it is stocked with pots and newly sown planters. A mini greenhouse is on the way, this will live at the end wall and hold tender plants and start off seeds.
My garlic and shallots have been ordered along with some onion sets. I have not used sets for several years but decided that I have enough seed to grow without onion added to the list.
The beds for these will be cleared and prepared in good time and a catch crop of sparkle radish will go in.

This afternoon I have some bulbs to plant and blueberry bushes to go in, I prepared the soil yesterday but ran out of time and steam.

I have the compost bins to empty, any identifiable stuff will go back in one and the other can start being filled again.

I have the promise of some well rotted manure in a couple of weeks and that will possibly have to be stacked for a while. I have an out of the way area that is partially ready for planting and the soil is pretty poor. Once I am ready the manure and some of my compost can go on that as thickly as possible and will be perfect for greedy squashes next year.

As well as the seed sowing and allium plantings I am looking forward to putting the garden to bed for the winter. 
My mind is full of indoor crafting projects and my fingers are itching to get cracking.They will need a good soak in my hand balm first though, even wearing gloves has not stopped the damage completely, they are quite dry and scratchy.

The time has come to get off my btm and get back outside, lunch has been eaten, tea has been drunk and time is passing.

Keep safe.

                 TTFN                                                Pam


  1. You have been busy. I've never bought 'planting garlic' I have simply used supermarket stuff. Is it worth the cost? I must start wearing gloves when gardening as my hands are like sandpaper despite loads of hand cream.

    1. I think that nothing compares to homegrown garlic. we get thorugh far too much to grow enough for the year. Much of what we grow is eaten fairly fresh and i use all the scapes in egg dishes.

    2. Scapes was a new one on me until I watched a video last week. I must give them a try from the next batch that I grow

  2. Well coined!!! Covid aware and COvid idiots!! I feel those expressions are going to be used rather a lot . Some people are so incredibly selfish. I saw the report about the Tui flight on BBC world news last night!! I also saw the interview with a Tui air hostess where she mentioned she had been attacked by passengers several times on flights...probably why the air hostesses on that flight were scared to approach the passengers who were not following C19 precautions. Yes total idiots!! keep well Amanda x

    1. The cabin crew have a tough job in current conditions, with little or no muscle to back them up. Tui will have all the passengers details and these can and should be passed to the relevant authorities. A suitable fine and possibly withdrawal of their passports would be a deterrent.

  3. Lots of the second type around. I often wonder if something should happen to someone they love, would they still not believe that this pandemic is serious.

    We are harvesting and getting the garden ready for it's winter cover of snow. I am hoping that holds off for awhile.

    God bless.

    1. i heard a reporter say that people need to go on holiday after the year they have had so far. I do not think that anyone needs a holiday abroad and I would not be comfortable being anywhere but home now. we will get rain and possibly a smattering of snow, I wish that we had predictable weather patterns. It makes life easier if you can be prepared.

  4. it is not fully sorted but is well on the way.


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