Sunday 16 August 2020

I hates it, I loves it.

Both of it. 
Just letting out my inner Gollum.

Sliver trimming for one. Tedious, backaching, toe curling....

More in the wings.

It has never been my favourite part of patchwork, yet strangely I love it because it is a big step along the way. Once finished and the blocks are assembled it is downhill all the way to the finished project.

More tedium. 
Waiting for the sweet moment when setting point is reached.
I don't mind the prep at all.

Then the moment of triumph.
something tasty and home made to put up.
In this case it is Plum, chilli and garlic.
Not a very firm set so perfect for dipping.
Stir Frying.
Casserole enhancing.
Or straight off a spoon as cooks perk.

It has been a productive morning and all by chance. I woke early full of the joys of spring?! and hit the ground running.

With my pot of Assam I stitched for an hour. Then with toast and coffee took in a podcast and some knitting (those bleh mustard socks).
Michael came bumbling down, all bleary eyed and in shock at the early hour, in search of tea.

I was reading through the blog list and spotted a comment relating to weight loss. It was Eating Well so with food mentioned I had a look. Spotted a recipe for sweet potatoes, planned for dinner tonight, and printed it off. Rather than plain roasted we will have Melting sweet potatoes with herbs and garlic. I toddled up the garden with dish and scissors in search of thyme and rosemary. The rosemary is close to the Victoria Plum tree and there were the last few dangling almost in my face. Of course I picked them and filled my apron pocket.
Over 1Kg once halved and stoned, a windfall Brammley apple, a lump of ginger root, some garlic and other bits and bobs and the maslin pan was soon bubbling away.

4 medium jars ready to be gifted, 1 large jar for the pantry and a taster jar. That will liven up the sweet potatoes.

I am in a sweet happy place, I love serendipitous happenings with a good ending. A "When Harry met Sally" moment.

The radio is on Gold with Elvis back to back, my Mum would have been in her element. She was a big fan, later she "discovered" Westlife and Dad sighed deeply.
We were happy, no need to anxt over gifts from then on.

I have been sat here tapping away for what seems ages, Herbie is sound aslep on the sofa, snuggled up to Michael who is "resting his eyes". No snoring yet but it won't be long.

I am off to clear the detritus away and write labels for the jars.

I hope that you are all having as good a day as I am.

Keep safe.

                       TTFN                                           Pam


  1. I am not a sewer/crafter but have given myself a challenge to attempt a crazy or patchy quilt, using up clothes not fit for wearing or donating, but with good parts left, and scraps of fabric.Maybe it will be so bad my pup might get a new coering for hiss dog bed.

    1. That is patchwork and quilting in its original form, purely a thrifty way of turning scraps into something lovely and practical.

  2. Those preserves look yummy. I am planning to make a batch of chutney sometime soon. I'm waiting for the cold dark winter nights before making another quilt. I have some lovely fabric to use up.

    1. I hate to see anything go to waste, it was horrible watching the fruits rotting on the tree. I have so many sewing ideas buzzing round my head that I could sit at the machine for a solid year and still not work through them all. I am doing my utmost though.

  3. Without working through the I hates, we wouldn't get many of the I loves so I guess they are worth it! :-)

    1. Yes, you have to work through the pain for the end result, it is so worth it. I should trim each block as I finish it but I chain piece everything so there is always several to do at a time.

  4. A quickie Pam just to let you know the giveaway parcel is on its way. :-) Amandax

  5. There is always something to love with scrappy quilts, they just seem to work eventually.
    My daughter and I used to make quilts together and the table wasn't the right height until we put cans of tomatoes under the legs, to stop the backache. When the kitchen was redone I had a breakfast bar on 1 side and being bench height is perfect and very more wobbly table, no more sore backs.
    My fave lunch at the moment is steamed sweet potato piled up with homemade coleslaw, yummy, healthy and easy, as you can do a few ahead and have an airtight container of undressed coleslaw in fridge.


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