Tuesday 18 August 2020

Sew, sew, press press, sew

I have been doing an approximation of the Foxtrot around the kitchen today.
Revi and Herbie were in full on play mode and Poppy was content to curl up and snooze out of their way. It was raining then dry, on and off and warm with it. The door was open so I set up my little machine on the kitchen table, no wet dogs in the sewing room please.

I have started sewing blocks together and OOPS, there may be far too many for what I need. No worries as they will all go into something else.

I did take a couple of photos but the 'puter has eaten them, I will try again the next time they are all out. I have called time on them for a couple of days. I have the Bichons tomorrow and Thursday and they are not fans of the sewing machine. It sets them off barking, anyone amongst you who has one will know how penetrating the noise is.

Finally the dogs are all snoozing, possibly beacause Michael came in for a coffee and has nodded off. A warm dog on the lap and another snuggled either side can have that affect.

Whilst it is peaceful I will get a few rounds in on the bleh socks. I am aching to knit with some bright coloured yarn but if I cast any on the socks will languish in hiding and may never see the light of day again, they are on my favourite sock needle too.

Hooray, just a had a quick look and 1 photo has appeared.

The light is so strong that it has washed some of the colours out, once they are finished and hanging I will get a better shot. I may make a blind for the window as well as there are so many blocks.

Now I am going to get a cuppa and the socks for a few rounds before the next dog walk.

Keep safe.

                      TTFN                                       Pam


  1. Computers can be very greedy, I find. Maybe the other photos will turn up too.

    1. Not so far, I willl have to get some advice from Francesca, there seems to be loads missing. No doubbt they are there, lurking in a dark corner.

  2. I'm finding my grey socks hard work, but the are for a gift, so I lpod on.

    1. I have 6 rows left on The heels and once I have turned them It will be straight to the toe. Can't wait.

  3. Oh, that patchwork is so pretty and soft-looking! Good luck finishing the project!

    1. The final piecing is finished, just have to sort out the lining now.


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