Monday 17 August 2020


It's been another busy one and I have just finished in the kitchen and have cuppa beside me. It will soon be time to take Herbie out, I hope that it stops raining for a little while, we have had intermittent downpours all day.

I had a mountain of apples to bottle (can in the US) and was all set up. 
Jars, lids and bands, check.  
Labels and pen, check. 
Jar lifter, funnel, magnetic lid lifter, spoon and stirrer to remove bubbles, check.
Apples and most importantly the peeler/corer/slicer, check.

The last item is a new buy, my original died of old age and overwork some time ago. Last year the apple harvest was smaller but this year the trees are loaded. I ordered one and it was delivered 24 hours later.
It is good, it works well. The clamp is no good for my worktop but the kitchen table is fine. The only real difference from my old faithful is the height, this one is too low to get a dish underneath to catch the juice and peel. My old one stood several inches proud of the table top.

I went through the sink full of apples in no time and got the prepared fruit on to cook, as these were not fully ripe I cooked them with a little sugar, cinnamon, all spice and raisins. They went into the sterilized jars, lids on, bands finger tight and into my water bath canner. Only 6 jars but they are solid packed and will be in pies or crumbles at some point.

Once I put the kitchen to rights I tootled off to collect the Bichons, my friend has 3 hospital visits this week, and we will have them each time. 

I have done a heap more piecing and all is pressed, ready for some more sewing tomorrow. 

A while ago Amanda, Crafty in the Med announced her return and kicked it off with a giveaway. To my surprise and delight I won.
Of course i had forgotten alll about it and at the time was so busy that I didn't touch the laptop for a while. 

Then I realised that there were probably hundreds of emails to be dealt with. Lo and behold there was one from Amanda. My win is on it's way and will be a complete surprise as I have not gone back to check. Who doesn't love a surprise.

Lady Luck was in my corner this week, Marlene of poppy patchwork said in a post that she had to sell her loom because of issues with her back. I dropped a comment and asked if the loom was still avaiable, and it was. Wowser, it will be winding its way to me soon.

I was moaning, well only a little, about only having 2 drop spindles. I have several samples to try and wanted to compare them side by side. Michael, who was trying to read, looked up and said 
" I can make you some, there's some lengths of dowel in the sewing room. just get some discs, we have some hooks" 

I was on fire as I grabbed laptop, and put "wood discs" in the search engine. 10 will be here by the weekend and I will be twirling myself into the ground if I am not careful.

Now the rain has stopped and Herbie is giving me the look, and it's not of love!. It's the one that says "get off you btm and lets go out, NOW"

Hope that those of you with very thirsty gardens had some of the rain, my garden is full to bursting but we have more  for the rest of the week.

keep safe

                        TTFN                                           Pam


  1. We could do with a bit of that rain Pam e,everything is so parched! On second thoughts good heavy downpour would be much much better! Your Herbie sounds like a right character!! :-) Thanks for your comment on my latest post. A flower blanket and butterflies sounds gorgeous!! keep well Amanda x

    1. Herbie is a joy. He is a clever little dog. If the TV is on he can recognise a line drawing cartoon animal and reacts instantly. Ehen Francesca video calls he responds to her voice, the first time he put his face up to the phone, looked behind it and then went off. He knew that she was not there and now he doesn't neven look up. I watched the latest podcast from Davina of Little workrom crafts and she has some of the new yarn from Stylecraft and is planning a blanket.I see a rabbit hole at my feet.

  2. The loom is all packed up and will be at the post office tomorrow, should be with you by the weekend. Keep up this pace and you will be exhausted by weekend.

    1. Such excitement, I will be on tenterhooks. I have got so much energy at the moment and I do ot want to waste a drop of it.

  3. Well done on winning the prize. xx

    1. Thank you Joy, I will share it once it arrives.


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