Sunday 13 September 2020

All sorted now

 I hope that I have not awoken the gremlins with that title.

The Janome has had another clean, a new needle and she is purring like the cat that got the mouse and the cream.

We have been having a general sort out round the house, I have hauled all my winter tights and leggings out from their summer residence. The scarves, hats and gloves have been checked over and my shawls have come out of hibernation.

Michael has had all the walking shoes and boots outside for a good clean and polish, I need to replace a pair of sturdy hiking shoes, after many years of hard work, so will be looking to do that by the end of the month.

Woolly jumpers and cardigans have had a shake out and put back into circulation and a few lone ranger socks have been reunited with their respective partners.

If that doesn't bring us an Indian Summer I don't know what will.

We were chatting along this morning and I said that the scrap mountain was wearing me down. Right away Michael said that he would take over the crumb boxes and make a quilt.

The nature of his work means that he slows down over the winter and a project to look forward to is ideal. I feel as though a weight has been lifted and am now happy to continue  throwing tiny bits into said boxes. 

I don't think that he realises just how much there is to work through but he has worked on large quilts before and enjoys it as much as I do.

Dinner is in the oven, we are having roast pork. I have all the veg prepped and apple sauce is made. I used up some small apples for it, I quartered them with the peel on, removed the cores and steamed them till soft and then pushed the pulp through a sieve. The resulting sauce is very smooth but I couln't face peeling tiny apples. I will be trying a different method next week as i want to bottle some.

The dogs have loved extra long walks over the weekend, the weather has been glorious. Usually by this time they would be ready for their food but instead they are flat out snoring one against the other.

Oops, should not have said that, Revi has just got up, turned round and sprawled herself over the other two.

I am off to the kitchen before she decides that my lap needs her.

Keep safe.

                                  TTFN                                                                   Pam




  1. Good to hear Janome is happy. A sewing machine with a hissy fit is not a pretty thing.

  2. We've had warm temps accompanied by smoky skies from the wildfires that are 50 & 70 miles away. When I check the weather on my phone, under the temp it says smoke. It's not as awful as it was 2 days ago but it's still nasty. I wish we'd get cooler days, my sweaters and long sleeved shirts are calling me.
    The weather people say it's going to be a La Nina winter which means mild temps and not much rain.
    I hope your cool weather comes soon.

    1. My heart goes out to those made homeless by the fires. We get flooding and landslides which are just as devastating.

  3. Yay! The Janome is back in service! Congratulations! :-)

    Remembering to do regular maintenance on domestic machines is an acquired skill. And I am as guilty as anyone of pushing that timetable. sigh

    Your roast dinner sounds lovely. It's still too warm here (Phoenix, Arizona area). Overnight temps have begun to cool off a bit; daytime temps should follow in the next two weeks or so. We had almost no winter (by low desert standards) last year. Not sure if that means another mild winter or a wicked cold one!

    I love your comment about Review needing your lap. :-) Some dogs seem to require human contact more than others, don't they?

    Happy sewing!


    1. Auto-correct struck again!

      Review = Revi.


    2. I think that Miss Janome was having a hissy fit. I just repeated what I had done and off she went like a persian kitten. Of course the first needle could have been faulty. All the dogs like some lap time but Revi seems to need the comfort more.

  4. Good news about the machine and now I know who to give credit for, with this lovely weather we are due to have for a few days. Thanks! :-)

    1. You are most welcome. I am poised ready to put all the summer wardrobe away at the first sniff of cold weather


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