Saturday 12 September 2020

Purr purr Clunk. Oh dear.

 That was yesterday morning.

I was sewing strips onto the next batch of squares and the machine protested.

I stopped, obviously, and took the offending fabric out. removed bobbin and case, unthreaded and gave it a defluff and brush down. Still clunky but not as bad. I just turned it off and walked away, time was pressing and I did not want to do half a job.

Later today I will repeat and replace the needle as well. I would love to book it in for a service and mot but that means getting into the middle of Swansea. My eyes will not allow me to make that journey, driving into Swansea is not on my radar for a long time. I do not like the trip, I get lost in the one way system every time I do it. It's fine getting in, it's the way out that confuses me.

As far as I know that is the nearest place where I can get the machine seen to, there was a place in Carmarthen but I think they have gone out of business. Other than that it is Cardiff and wild horses would not get me driving there, even if my eyes were 100%. 

I will have to ask around, when I am in Neath on Monday I will go to the market, there are 2 stalls, one that sells fabric and another that do alterations and make curtains, hopefully one of them will be able to help.

I have cleared the table and will get the little Singer out if I have to, it just means that i will be traipsing back and forth to do the pressing. Although I plan on making a big batch of masks in the next few days and that is easy enough to do in the kitchen.

I am not too concered about keeping to schedule on the blocks, I have 120 made and more cut ready to sew so a couple of days off will not hurt.

I still have to make my mind up on the layout, it could be straight rows although I was considering a central square, to cover the middle of the bed,set on point with straight rows filling out to the size that I want. I will probably have a trial layout session next week.

I have Revi and Poppy over the weekend, my neighbour is working on jobs that are not suitable to have them with him. I don't mind and Herbie was overjoyed when they turned up this morning.

Now I need to get ready to take them out for a walk. 

I have put my order in to Asda for next week, I am not going shopping unless it is essential at the moment. From monday Wales have made it mandatory to wear masks in shops, and not before time, I have the masks but not the inkling to go out there.

Keep safe.

                           TTFN                                                        Pam


  1. Oh, no, what a nuisance for you. I do hope you find somewhere nearby.

    1. No joy so far and now C-19 is on the rise again I don't plan on going anywhere not essential.

  2. Clunk? Not a good sound!

    What kind of machine do you have, Pam? Mechanical or electronic?

    Along with the other things you did, did you change your needle? Sometimes a needle will be bent the tiniest bit or be shoved a tad off center if it doesn't penetrate the fabric properly. Sewing machines have very tight tolerances.

    Another thought: Have you oiled your machine recently? Most domestic machines require a light application of oil about every 8 hours of use, or before use if they have been sitting a while. It could be complaining just a bit!

    Fingers crossed that it is something simple and you can find someone to service your machine--and arrange transportation--without too much stress.


  3. I have a Janome Memory Craft 8200 QC, there is a newer model but I am happy with her and have no plans to upgrade. I clean after every sewing session and clean the race at every bobbin change. She only needs a tiny spot of oil in one place.


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