Sunday 6 September 2020

Can I do it?

And how quickly?

Inspite of the fact that I made these,

Curtains for my base units, better than boring doors, made from some of the countless charms that I had dug out.

And these, curtains for the top units, made with strips (and a few cut down charms) that were found in a tangled mess.
A bit more interesting for eye level than squares.

I still have 5 of these

A few random baskets
And some plastic boxes that are stashed upstairs full of scraps.

I was grazing round You tube a few days ago and spotted Lori Holt,s name. Well I have some of her books and some carefully hoarded fabric so I had a little look.
She has started a stash busting series of tutorials and the second one was String blocks. I have only made one quilt from those so it was time to put on my Big Girls Knicky Knacky Knoos.

Out came the boxes and one by one they were tipped out and all strips removed.
Then there was a massive pressing session, and all dark colours were removed for another day.
A few larger bits were pressed just in case I can use them.

This is the current state of my desk top.

This is what is emerging from the chaos.
These blocks will finish at 7" and I will need 168 ish for the quilt that is living in my head.

I would like to finish this in 3 weeks, gulp, yes 3 weeks. I have run up 25 of these today and have another 10 started. 
It is a very simple job, not as much pressing as some blocks and no points to worry about and no seam matching. Best of all No Sliver Trimming. I have a 7 1/2" template for fussy cutting and it is a quick job, with my rotating cutting mat, to whizz round with a rotary cutter.
I will finish the 10 started blocks after dinner and I have the sew in interfacing all cut into squares. I plan on making at least 20 a day so feel that 3 weeks is an achievable target.
I have the wadding and backing fabric and will make the binding from any left over strips, if there are not enough I will just cut some to match the backing.

This is to be a Birthday gift, and although I have plenty of time, it will soon be That Time. I have a long list to get through hence my 3 week deadline.
Wish me luck.

I have been saving a parcel unwrapping and was planning on doing it this weekend. Unfortunately it did not happen so tomorrow I will unveil the giveaway that I won from Crafty in the Med. 
Francesca has  bought a car and should have collected it yesterday morning. The dealership slipped up with the MOT check so it was put off till tomorrow. hopefully we will now see her in 2 weeks time.
Provided that we are not in lockdown or one of us is ill. Fingers crossed.

Now it is time that I put myself into cooking mode and got in the kitchen. That beef will not cook itself.

Keep safe.

                          TTFN                                      Pam


  1. Wow, that's a lot of scraps! And I'm sure you can do it, Pam - if anyone can, it's you.

    1. The trouble is that I cannot throw anything away, as long as there is something to see once the seam allowance is taken then I keep it. I need to make another crumb quilt.

  2. That may well be just the inspiration I need to do something similar. I am planning on making mine a double sided quilt so that it will use up twice as much fabric. Good luck. I wait with bated breath to see the end result.

    1. I made one of those last year, no batting as it is for the summer. It was wonderful when we had the heatwave, so much so that I should make another one.

  3. That is a lot of scraps. A very impressive make Pan I am rooting for you to get it done in the time scale you want.

    1. I have saved all the overhanging fabric from cutting the blocks to size. There has to be another crumb quilt in my future, not this year though.

  4. Your curtains are lovely. As I said before, you are an inspiration. The desire to make a patchwork quilt has been growing in me for years, and one of these days I am going to succumb. I want to use scraps of fabric, like you do, and not matchy matchy fat quarters in a neat bundle. I have saved a lot of scraps through the years, as well as some items of our family's favorite clothing with salvageable parts. So it will probably be a memory quilt.

    1. I like to keep tones together but am happy to throw in the odd one out here and there, it keeps things interesting. Memory quilts are a joy to make I use lightweight interfacing under any less robust fabrics.


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