Sunday 20 September 2020

Nail biting times

 We are on tenterhooks at the moment. Francesca should be here this weekend but she is now in self imposed quarantine.

The person, S, that she houseshares with gets a lift into work with a colleague. 

This person has not been into work since last Monday.

Only on Friday did S see fit to tell Francesca that her colleague was suspected of having C-19 and was waiting for test results. Apparently she has been too busy to remember to share the information.

As it happens Francesca,s car had a warning light come on and had to be checked on Friday afternoon so her visit to us was postponed till that evening.

Luckily Fran and S had set up a strict cleaning routine for shared parts of the house, kitchen and bathroom in particular are cleaned after each use.

If the test proves positive the Track and Trace system will be applied and both Fran and S will be tested, along with countless others no doubt.

If I could have got near to S on Friday I can not imagine what I may have said and done to her. She is in her 40's, a criminal lawyer and should know better than that. Her employers need to be dealt with as they carried on as usual knowing the situation.

Is there any wonder that we are looking at a spike which could well be worse than the first wave. 

How many more working people are doing just the same.

The " It won't happen to me" mentality ia alive and well and living all over the world. Governments need to stop the pussy footing about and act. 

Never mind the air travel industry, the sandwich shops, beauty salons and pubs and clubs etc. Let common sense prevail and concentrate on prevention. it has always been better than cure.

Keep safe.

Beware of the idiots.

                                    TTFN                                                  Pam


  1. That was rather naughty not to say - I hope things will be fine but the anxiety is not good for anyone.

  2. This is why I get so stressed, so many people who know better act stupidly and put us all at risk. We now have decided we are not going out unless we need to, not that we have gone too far this summer. Just one quick visit to family in Somerset, which the following week we stayed at home just in case.

  3. Blimey Pam, and she a lawyer...she certainly damn well should know better. No wonder you were annoyed. I sincerely hope Fran is ok...

  4. So sad that people that should know better act so irresponsibly. Hope all is well with Francesca.

  5. Scary indeed!!! Do hope your Francesca will be alright! IMO that is darn right inconsiderate...although I could think of a harsher word than that!! How stupid can a person be!! I totally agree with all that you have said. Severe measures need to be enforced not just in the UK,here too and the rest of Europe!! Amanda x

  6. People need to be Very loud in their communications with politicians about the right thing to do for the whole country.
    See Australia's numbers.

  7. Scary and not at all the proper protocol by S. I do hope Francesca tests negative.

    We are having an uptick in cases here as well and I blame those that think this is a hoax and will not follow protocols or wear masks.

    God bless.


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