Wednesday 9 September 2020

It's all about the orange

The postie just brought me a parcel. Yum, just love parcels, at least the soft squishy sort.

Oh Yes! Thats Orange.

So is that.

Sadly not these.
But they are for mans socks.
Michael would wear orange.
The other 2 would not.

The wonderful thing about these, not ignoring the fact that I will get 3 pairs out of the 2 balls, is that they come from a New online shop. Yarn n yarns, the same name as the podcast.

The lovely Ange opened her yarn shop in Penarth and I was lucky enough to get a lift ther ages ago. I had hoped for a return trip but things happen.......People make plans and the gods laugh.

Since then the lease ran out on the shop and rather than curl up in a corner Ange opened a virtual shop.
the stock is not huge, but she plans to expand once she has "tested the waters".

I will be back to shop regularly. You all know that I like a bargain, I hate paying for postage, and keep an eagle eye open for a bargain.
For some time most of my yarn purchases have been from Wool Warehouse. I have always made my order up to free postage level. In all honesty I will probably do so in the future, but not the so very near future.

I have several projects lined up, patterns, needles, yarn and note book with a pen in my own bags.

In truth I possibly have more sock yarn than Angela does. Well very nearly.

But as I always have socks on the needles, and as I love to support a good business I will be buying a couple of 100gm balls every few weeks. There are a few peeps in my life who now only wear handknitted socks.  My fault, when Michael,s sock drawers (3) were crammed full I nagged persuaded the others to let me knit them a pair, Ha little did they know that it was never going to stop at A pair. My brother in law is diabetic and his feet are so much better for wearing wool that he gets at least 4 pairs a year. That doesn't sound many but I started him off with a dozen.

On a different note I have had to ammend my plans for dealing with my block trimmings. I was thinking of making a crumb quilt or cushion covers. However, now that I have trimmed lots I realise that I was so mean with cutting the strings that the trimmings are miniscule. Too small to sew, they will become the stuffing for toys for Herbie and co. Still no waste.

I was going to waffle on about my aims to have as near no waste  as possible with this quilt. I was also going to expand on how I am trying to expand this into other areas. Then the parcel turned up and the tide turned. Another day, perhaps.

Keep safe.

                             TTFN                                      Pam

Do go and pay Ange a visit, if you sign up to her newsletter you get a code for a discount on the first order, its well worth a look.


  1. Got to love how you have still managed to use up all your leftovers.

    Love the colours in your sock yarn.

    God bless.

    1. I hate waste, even the little bits and bobs were paid for plus too much goes to landfill every day, never mind year.


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