Monday 14 September 2020

Knives at the ready

 I  am watching Breakfast TV and one of the Millibands has joined in the  general sttack on Boris and his Brexit dealings.

Cameron, Major, Blair and May have come out of the shadows to denigrate what the cabinet is doing. I seem to remember that none of these were covered in glory both during and after their time in No. 10.

In my mind it was Cameron who was the leading force behind the referendum to exit and then when it became too hot in the kitchen he beat a hasty exit stage left.

As for Blair, I have heard it said many times that he was just too shiny, and that was so any close looks were reflected back rather than penetrating the veneer to show the reality underneath.

Major was lampooned as the only "boy" to run away from the circus to become a stuffed shirt.

May, could have made a real difference, just as Maggie did, but failed miserably as she did not appear to have any scrap of authority.

I am not a political animal, I choose to regard them all as self interested, self serving oblivious to real life. I know that there are some who really want to serve their electorate, but fear that The Party Line does not allow that.

There has been scandal in the House of Lords with people turning up for a few minutes and claiming full attendance payment. They are meant to be the top layer in the hierarchy of government. But they have shown themselves to be greedy pigs only interested in getting their snouts in the trough.

The leader of the opposition is "famous" for letting Jimmy Saville go free to continue his reign of abuse for many years. He seems to be keeping his head below the parapet at the moment, goodness only knows what he is cooking up now.

Boris is regarded as a clown in some circles, at least he appears to be a normal person who acknowledges their faults and weaknesses. 

As somebody once said:-

There are lies, damned lies and politics.

Nothing to chose between them.

Thank goodness for crafters and makers who carry on regardless of the crazyness around them.

I will be setting off soon to have my eye test, on the way I want to get some sanding pads (Michael is planning on sanding the stairs), small bottles for my Elderberry syrup ( this will be in some gift baskets) and some storage baskets (I am emulating Lori Holts scrap fabric control system).

All of these can be had in one place and we have masks and disposable gloves. I am taking no risks, I am concerned enough at the thought of being in a confined space for my test.

Keep safe.

                                   TTFN                                               Pam


  1. Stay safe, and I hope the horror stories I hear across the pond about Brexit do not materialize. Politics are crazy right now.

    God bless.

    1. There has been wailing, tearing of hair and lots of twaddle spouted about Brexit from the beginning. All polititians have to get their publicity fix one way or another.

  2. We've got Trump, who wants to basically rule over us, and is asking for 8 more years and doesn't believe in any kind of science. You've got Boris who's never met a comb that he likes. Sorry state for both our nations.

    1. It is all enough to drive us to drink, or the brink. I see all politics as rotten, as bad as The Curates Egg.


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