Tuesday 15 September 2020

Blonde senior moment?

 This blasted new blogger is giving me the heebie jeebies. I cannot seem to publish comments. I have clicked on the tick mark but then nothing.

I got them published on earlier posts.

It's no wonder my hair is white, it's a miracle that I have not pulled it all out (and Michaels).

Any how I will cool down and try again......later.....after copious amounts of tea......and a calming dog walk.

And possibly chocolate.

We have had a couple of showers this afternoon but it is still warm and muggy, not the weather for physical work.

So, I decided to empty out under the bed and winnow through it. Result, a large portion of the things have now been divided into, donate, recycle, upcycle and bin. I feel better for seeing the dust bunnies (soon to be evacuated). In fact it made me feel so good that I cast my eagle (blurry) eyes upon my wardrobes.

The donate pile grew and a few things found their way into the recycle bin. Once I stop wearing my summery things then I will be going through those also.

I have sorted out colour coded storage for the scrap fabrics and that is tomorrows task. Providing that the Bichons do not insist on helping.

There is never a dull moment with the dogs around, Revi very kindly brought me some carrots that she had managed to get to. The only issue was that she also ate them, tops and all and lolled around looking extremely pleased with herself with almost a Cheshire cat grin over her face.

We had a short interlude with a video call from Francesca, a walk with the dogs and then it was time to get dinner on the go. Sweet and sour pork with rice, a hint or two of chilli and some pineapple. That's the way we like it, full of peppers, carrot ribbons and red onion.

Now I think that I am going to knit for a while before clearing the kitchen and putting my feet up till the last walk of the day with Herbie.

Keep safe.

                          TTFN                                                          Pam


  1. My biggie with the new blogger is not being able to size my photos. I can or at least seem to publish comments. Now I am keeping my fingers crossed that I did not jinx myself.

    Colour coded bins for scraps ..... very interesting.

    God bless.

    1. I haven't tried sizing photos yet, I don't think that i will try now. I have such a lot of scraps in a rainbow of colours that it seemed the way to go. I will not be stuffing trays into a clopset as Lori does, I have purchased a wheeled tower. This has removeable drawers in several colours and I hope that it will be large enough.

  2. Don't use the comments link. Go to the list at the side, scroll down to below reading list to view blog. Go to comments and answer them.

    1. Thank you very much, I read through a few of my first ever posts last night and know no more now than I did then. The truth is that the last few working years featured so much mind numbing time putting info onto various computer pages that I am not at all interested in learning any more than I need. Lazy me.

  3. New Blogger...I feel your tiresome. I just can't get a caption to stay put when I post it under a photo....grr!! Yes....chocolate definitely!! :-) keep well Amanda x


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