Tuesday 8 September 2020

delayed tomorrow

Yesterday flew past, I was sewing away on the string blocks while the dogs tumbled around. 
Michael was pottering around after being rained off work so the tea was flowing freely.

At end of play I had 44 blocks completed and cut to size with another 6 ready to trim.

It wasn't until I settled down in my bed that I remembered The Parcel. Oops.

Here it is

First out was the cutest crochet that I have seen in a long time. It will be in the wall in my sewing room.

Lots of lovely yarn for me to play with.

Pins and a tape measure, you can never have too many of either.

Labels and ties, just perfect as I don't use any shiny or sparkly ones that can not be recycled.

All kinds of pretties for embellishing.

More pretties. Yum.

Stitch markers/progress keepers/ dropped stitch rescuers.

I count myself very lucky to have received such a plethora of goodies. The stitchmarkers will be put into use this week as I have a new cast on planned, there may be lots of pattern repeats to mark.

Last but not least the 6 blocks that need trimming to size.
Tut Tut, you may think, those were sewn yesterday.
Aha, I think. (there may be a song in there)

What you do not know, because I haven't told you, is that I spent an age this morning emptying a scrap box. It was one with several large pieces, and I have pressed the lot. I have also cut the lot into strips (and triangles for the corners) There was very little waste, so little that I weighed it and it came to the grand total of 22 grams.
I can live with that. The trimmings from the completed blocks are living in a bag and will become a crumb quilt/cushion covers. I can not throw them out, even any selvedges are cut as narrow as possible and become ties round bundles and gifts. I have made long skinny strips into boot laces, my current ones are bright orange.

We had roast beef on Sunday and there is quite a bit left. That is going through the mincer and will be cottage pie for dinner tonight. There is enough to make one for my neighbour Steve. 
I make it as a one dish wonder and fill it with vegetables as well as meat. A dash of horseradish in the base and a handful (or so) of cheese on the top means more taste with less washing up. Win win.

Now I think it is time that I got back to my sewing. BTW I took the time to clear the desk top and put all the strings into same width groups. That should help it to run smoothly, it had got into a real rats nest.

Keep safe.

                      TTFN                                       Pam

PS. We now have a lockdown in Caerphilly due to an upsurge in 
C-19. people on the spot are blaming young adults for ignoring sociaal distancing. 
Michael says they are just not playing caerphilly enough. GROAN.


  1. Oohps keep safe Pam. A lot of the youngsters round here are the same. They wont learn unless put right. My mum used to do cottage pie out of the remains of the roast. Had't thought about doing the Horseradish with it. Made with Lamb and mint sauce is also delish. Glad you have been able to play despite the children. Just keep safe Pattypan x

    1. Every scrap of everything gets used here, waste not want not was the refrain of my childhood.

  2. What a lovely selection of things. Stay safe.

    1. I shall have fun finding things to do with them all.

  3. Lovely parcel you got.

    Good going on using all those scraps up.

    Love the pun.

    God bless.

  4. So glad you received the giveaway parcel...hope you find the bits of use. Keep well Amanda x

    1. I will make sure that it is all put to good use.


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