Thursday 17 September 2020

Keeping busy preparing for the season.

 I had some happy post.

It was very Orange.

Can you guess?

there were two of these.

Christmas yarn. All WYS.
All from Ange at Yarn n Yarn.
Prompt delivery.
Pretty packaging
With a free sachet of Eucalan to try.

Not for this year, I bought this years in October last year. That way I know that I have enough of what I want and can start to use it whenever I am ready. 3 pairs of socks were finished a while ago and I cast on a new pair a couple of days ago. WYS have brought out a new colourway, Silent Night. It is a wonderful deep blue with some white in it, I did not buy any as I would not be able to se to knit it.

Foolish mistake.

It will be for next years knitting.

Do I want to tempt fate and buy some?


Do I want to chance never seeing it again?

Not really.

I will wait a couple of weeks.

If I can.

I have my colour coded storage and have been filling it. I took a photo and the 'puter ate it and laughed at me. I will try again.

Michael is on the last couple of days of his marathon job. He designed and built a custom summer house with overhanging clear roof and large deck. There are stable doors, a swinging seat, railings and a self closing gate to keep the grands safe.

He is under orders that he is working at home for a while as there is a backlog of jobs here. 

I have a wood work project tucked up my sleeve in case he gets sawdust withdrawal symptoms. He loves working with timber.

A few years ago we dug out and moved the slabs in the little courtyard area just outside the kitchen door. They were tispy and tilted here there and everywhere, they were used on the enlarged patio and we laid pebbles down in the yard.

Now that Revi and Herbie scoot around they are more trouble than a little and have to go. We will be using them in a different place in the garden. We will be laying concrete and embedding some cobbles, possibly. The jury is out. Whatever we do there will be no loose stones to be kicked into the windows.

I have made a batch of Elderberry Syrup and will be picking Hawthorns for syrup at the weekend. I thought about Rosehip but decided to give it a miss this year. I might pick some and freeze incase I change my mind after they have been frosted. There is a bumper crop of sloes but I wil not be picking them this year and I have not touched the blackberries either. Michael hates the pips and we have jelly from last year. I have them in porage but a bumper crop of blueberries in squirreled away already.

I am all set for the autumn and winter, cupboards full and The Shop in the Sewing Room is well stocked. I have tucked far too much easybake yeast away as last year my sister and Francesca could not get it for love nor money. Our village shop found a supply, a bit pricey, and we had no worries.

I have fabric and threads, yarn, fleece to prepare and fibre for spinning. I have handspun for my peg loom and all is well in my world.

If I get my cataract/s done in decent time I have cross stitch in the cupboard, I do want to order some silks and linen fabric as I have an embroidery book calling me to step right in. The words "I have nothing to do" and "I'm bored" will have no place here, that's for sure.

Lets hope that I do not have to eat my words.

Do they still make alphabet spaghetti?

BTW I knew the answer to the Million Pound Question, I did not watch the program but it was on the news a million times! Possibly more.

Keep safe.

                                   TTFN                                                    Pam


  1. Buy the yarn, you will love it.

    I am still working on stocking up both the sewing/craft room and the pantries and I just may be getting close to being done.

    Cases of Covid are rising. We actually now have 4 cases in our area after months of not having any. Just makes me all the more determined to get stocked up.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie. The yarn is ordered. There are talks on introducing a 2 week lockdown soon to hopefully contain the spread of C-19 and let Christmas happen. I just hope that they either pee or get off the potty. Real Soon.

  2. Wow - that's all. Such a busy and fulfilling life and such satisfaction.
    The yarn sounds amazing.

  3. It's my nature to get ready in plenty of time for something that is going to happen. I can not understand those who are frantically shopping for gifts and extra provisions at the last minute. The only item that I cannot get now is fresh cranberries. My solution is to locate some plants and grow my own.


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