Tuesday 13 October 2015

A Hint of Chilly Days Ahead

Today dawned bright and distinctly cold, that ear nipping, nose and cheek reddening, finger tingling kind of cold. Very fresh, my Grandfather would have said.
Ben did not care, he insisted on a good long walk, and despite my hat I was a bit chilly when we got back. note to self, must get gloves out of hibernation.
Ben has a few coats for walking, all of them rain proof. I think it may be time to make him a couple of warm coats that are a bit lighter for him for this kind of day....Watch this space.
I have a new building in the garden, a motel for the visitor cat. She/he has been to check it out and pronounced it "basic but acceptable" I had to add a fleece blanket for comfort and warmth. The motel will be turned to face the wall, this will keep the rain and wind out but still give her enough space to escape easily if she/he feels threatened.

I have moved the garden umbrella into the corner, if we get very hard rain it will open up and offer another layer of protection.

My shoulders are recovering well from all the pushing and shoving, I have done a little crochet, another pile of granny squares is completed, I will pick the next colour at random later. All I have to do is reach over the sofa arm and scrabble in the bag.

I had an unexpected run into Swansea yesterday, well Morriston really, to taxi Mr Muscle from the hospital, he managed to get a lift in and went with nothing in his pocket but his phone. Traffic on the  west bound M4 was nose to tail and running at 16 mph, lovely. On the return there was hardly a car to be seen, I suspect aliens.

This threw my plans into disarray and I seemed to have chased my tail for the rest of the day to achieve nothing.
Today has been better, the Motel is sited, the washing and ironing is done, dinner is prepped ready for the oven, pork ribs in a barbecue sauce with jacket potato and peas and sweetcorn. There is also a massive apple and cinnamon crisp, enough for 4 with seconds (fingers crossed)

So far tomorrow is looking to be a free day, Thursday brings another trip to Swansea. My cake loving friends over the road have to take their mobility car for it's MOT, A does not drive and C is not too well at the moment. I am their named driver for emergencies so I will be doing the honours.

I have decided on a border for the next quilt and plan to get it cut and sewn on tomorrow, it needs sorting as it is on the gift list.

By the way, thank you all for the comments on the Beast, it is earmarked for James and Cerys. I do have some small gifts for them as well so they may get the beast early, they may as well have a full winters warmth from it.

Ben is due for a bath, so I better toddle off in search of towels.

                       TTFN                                                    Pam


  1. Good grief - you no sooner deal with the Beast than you are on to your next project!

    I love the little cat residence - that will offer good shelter in the cold nights to come. I bet the cat appreciates your help.

    I am in crochet mode this week too, and treated myself to another book of smallish projects from The Works today - bought mainly as it has crochet socks in it. I must try a pair of those.

  2. Very posh motel complete with dining table for cats! Will Ben be on receptionist duty?

  3. How sweet that you have a motel for visiting cats. You are so nice. The quilt you finished is absolutely beautiful...and those tomatoes! How did you ever learn to do all these things!

  4. Aww you are such a kind hearted lady. I do wonder though; have you ever read the children's book, Six Dinner Fred? I'm chuckling as I imagine your visitor having a run of similarly kind hearted souls providing comforts!


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