Thursday 1 October 2015

Another glorious day in the valley, made even better by managing to cherry pick through the second part of strictly whilst enjoying a cuppa after doing a marathon ironing session. I know that some watch while ironing but having burnt my hand a time or three I no longer do. I have radio 2 on instead.
 Today I listened to the slinky, shimmying Jeremy Vine discussing the new smoking ban in cars.
 I am not a smoker, both my parents were and one of my siblings.
 I do not think that children should be exposed to smokers.
 Having said that, try going shopping, for a coffee or even to visit hospital without having to push through a throng of people puffing away as though their lives depended upon it. (unintentional irony there).
The last time that I had to go to a hospital there were at least 50 people puffing away, under the large No Smoking signs, and some were obviously staff.
I feel that banning smoking altogether in the presence of young people will be with us before too many years. 
Once this comes in how will or even can it be enforced.
If by some chance it happens and works the loss of tax revenue will be hitting us all, hard.

The motorist is an easy and familiar target to raise tax, will vat on cars become astronomical, what will happen to the price of fuel never mind the road tax. 
Will the country see a massive drop in the number of vehicles on the roads as we find it impossible to meet the cost?
Will public transport be improved and be cost effective and affordable?
Only time will tell.

On a happier note I popped in to my local general store today and snaffled up a piece of Rib of Beef, for £5.99, less than half price. Tonight it will feed 2 with a Ribeye Steak, there will be some strips for a stirfry going in to the freezer and the bone, with a decent amount of meat is destined to go into the slowcooker overnight with lots of veg and will provide several portions of Cawl.
I was not going to buy any meat until I had cooked and eaten my way through the contents of the freezer but exceptions can be made.
I will not be making chips, I have boiled some small potatoes, in their skins, till just cooked. Put them into a shallow baking tin and squashed them with the potato masher till they just split open. A sprinkle of salt and pepper, a spray of oil and 20 minutes in the mini oven at 180c will render them crisp and crunchy Yum.
I have half a pack of mushrooms, they are sliced into a buttered pan and will cook in 10 minutes and peas and sweetcorn should round dinner of nicely.
I have just realised that I have no photos today, never mind, I will try harder tomorrow.

                             TTFN                                       Pam


  1. I must try your smashed potato idea. Now are they called roasted, smashed potatoes?

  2. Your dinner sounds scrumptious, enjoy it!

  3. Sounds like a lovely dinner and a great price on the beef. I got lucky with a very large piece of brisket that I intend to do with root veg and make a pot roast, cooked slowly it will make some great meals for the freezer.

  4. Pam I do wish that I could come up with meals as easy as you do. Around the middle of the day I start thinking, what is the world can I fix for supper. I have no imagination when it comes to preparing meals.

  5. The smashed roast spuds sound good, I have some small potatoes to use up so will give it a go with them, I have a mountain of ironing waiting my attention but it will just have to wait a bit longer :-)


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